These 21 Baby Names Are Going to Be Huge in 2019

If you or someone you love is expecting a bundle of joy in 2019, chances are that at least a little (or a lot!) of attention has been paid on the soon-to-arrive baby’s name. Long gone are the days of Jennifer and Michaels; in this day and age, parents are getting VERY creative with their little one’s monikers.

Now, whether or not you like the odd baby name trends of today, it’s important that you educate yourself on 2019’s most popular. After all, most parents don’t want their kiddo to be one of five Stormi’s in their kindergarten class (yes, Stormi is on our list!). These names are set to be 21 of the most popular for newborns in 2019, based on Social Security stats, pop culture trends, and more!

  1. Liam

    According to the Social Security Administration, Liam is currently the top baby name in the country. Though it could fall in 2019, trends show that it will stay close to the top!

  2. Emma

    And, the same goes for the current most popular girl’s name–Emma!

  3. Wells

    Between 2016 and 2017, Wells shot up 504 points on the SSA chart–and it looks like there’s no slowing it down!

  4. Ensley

    And, the same goes for Ensley. This name recently skyrocketed 1,461 spots. Impressive!

  5. Aria

    Aria–or Arya, for all of you “Game of Thrones” fans!–is an ethereal name that is currently experiencing a successful comeback.

  6. Brooklyn

    This popular unisex name has been climbing the charts in recent years, even managing to make it into the Top 40 for girls in 2017.

  7. Carter

    Carter has enjoyed a sharp increase in popularity in the past decade.

  8. Stormi

    If a Kardashian names a kid Stormi, the whole world will likely follow suit!

  9. Harry

    What’s the best way to show your “little prince” some love? Naming him after an ACTUAL prince, of course.

  10. Meghan

    Or, even a duchess!

  11. Gabriel

    Gabriel, meaning “devoted to God,” has long been a popular baby name, but interest in the classic moniker has only increased in recent years.

  12. Melania

    No matter what your political beliefs may be, it’s clear that the First Lady has had quite the effect on baby names. As a matter of fact, Melania jumped a whopping 720 points between 2016 and 2017!

  13. Kashton

    Kashton, a unique variation on the name ‘Ashton’, looks like it could break the top 500 in 2019!

  14. Abigail

    It may sound old-fashioned, but Abigail has been firmly in the top 10 for years now.

  15. Oliver

    And, the same goes for Oliver. This name is currently the ninth most popular name in the country.

  16. Harper

    Harper first gained a resurgence in popularity after celebs Victoria and David Beckham gave their girl this classic name. It has remained high in the charts ever since!

  17. Noah

    This biblical name has been popular for years, but it’s never been as popular as it is right now. In fact, it currently holds the #2 position on the SSA list.

  18. Hunter

    This strong unisex moniker is currently a trendy girl’s name.

  19. Kennedy

    This presidential baby name is a popular girl’s name. It’s so popular, in fact, experts think that it could crack the top 50 in 2019!

  20. Benjamin

    An oldie but “goodie,” Benjamin, has been in the top 10 for years–and there are predictions that it could be at its most popular in 2019.

  21. Nova

    Is your baby out of this world? Apparently, lots of parents out there think that theirs are…

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these hot baby names for 2019? Which is your favorite from the list? Are you planning on giving a child any of these names? Do you think baby names are getting too zany?