27 Baby Names That are Going to Be Huge in 2018

As we head into a new year, parents expecting new bundles of joy in 2018 are prepping their short lists of baby names. How exciting!

Name trends turn up each year, as do predictions for which ones will be the most popular during the next twelve months. Some of these start their rise to the top in previous years, and take off, making the hot list for right now.

If there were a senior class for the upcoming baby year, these names would be some of the headliners in the yearbook for 2018. You’ll recognize some, be happy to see others remembered, and interested to see that some made the roster at all. Hey, you may even see one of yours!

Have fun scanning this predicted superstar lineup of baby names for 2018 and feel free to pluck one for your own little one.

  1. Kennedy

    Popular for a girl but also used as a boy’s name, Kennedy means “helmeted chief”. You can also spell it as Kennedi, Kennedie, or hyphenate it along with another name like, Kennedy-Rose.

  2. Charlotte

    Charlotte is seeing a resurgence thanks to the royal family’s little princess. A feminine form of Charles, it means “petite”.

  3. Meghan

    Don’t be surprised to see Meghan jump up in the charts with the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The name can be spelled different ways and means “strong”.

  4. Zoe

    An ancient name which means “life”, girls named Zoe tend to be spiritual, strong, and leaders.

  5. Sophie

    Sophie consistently makes the top 5 in countries throughout Europe, but it’s starting to take the lead everywhere over its mate, Sophia. Its Greek origin means “wise”.

  6. Stella

    In Latin, Stella means “star”, and the name is slowly climbing up in the ranks.

  7. Aurora

    Sleeping Beauty’s real name, Aurora, means “dawn” and is cracking the top 30 in name charts. Watch for a surge in 2018!

  8. Sadie

    Originally a nickname for Sarah, Sadie is a cute name in its own right. According to Babygaga.com, girls named Sadie are trustworthy, cooperative, and compassionate.

  9. Nora

    Considered an old-fashioned name by today’s standards, Nora is also making a comeback. Its derivation means “honor” or “light”.

  10. Harper

    I know two babies named Harper, and have no doubt we’ll all be hearing of more baby girls with this name. Linked to author Harper Lee, it means “harp player”.

  11. Scarlett

    Already known from Gone with the Wind, this name was made uber famous by actress Scarlett Johansson. Its meaning is as it sounds – “red”. Parents have loved this name so much it was in the top 20 in 2016, and keeps climbing.

  12. Hazel

    Not just a lovely eye color, Hazel was a popular name for boys and girls in the late nineteenth century. The name is connected to nature – the hazelnut tree – and is enjoying a quiet and slow revival.

  13. Dylan

    “Born of the sea”. This spelling of Dylan has stayed in the top of name charts since the 1960s. There’s also Dillon.

  14. Logan

    Get used to seeing more Logans this upcoming year as a popular first name. Its origins as a Scottish surname mean “little hollow”.

  15. Theodore (Theo)

    Means “God-given” and is experiencing a renaissance thanks to the hipster population.

  16. Jasper

    Just like the stone, its Hebrew meaning is “jewel”. Babygaga.com states that Jaspers love peace, stability, and are prone to optimism.

  17. Sebastian

    Sebastian was a hot name centuries ago and sounds very distinguished. It means “revered”.

  18. Jack

    Heard often as a nickname, Jack has been number 1 at different periods in England and is gaining a solid following in other countries too. It means “God is gracious”.

  19. Isaac

    We’ve got one in our family, and Isaac’s managed to crack the popularity list for 2018. This classic, biblical name means “laughter” in Hebrew.

  20. Liam

    A shortened version of William, it means “protector”. Think of all the Liams you know in real life and on-screen. Don’t you think it fits?

  21. Felix

    It means “lucky” or “fortunate”. That’s all you need to know to bestow this moniker on your little tike.

  22. Finn

    Millennials who are fans of Adventure Time or Stranger Things are probably fans of this name too. Its Irish meaning is “fair”, but in pop culture we see it as a common name for heroes. Sounds like the type of person you’d want in your family.

  23. Kai

    A unisex name with multiple meanings in different cultures. Popular in Hawaii, it means “ocean”. In Japan, it means “forgiveness”. It means other things in other languages and sounds beautiful, has one syllable, and is easy to spell.

  24. Xavier

    Has been receiving some new attention lately and means “new house” or “bright.” It’s in the top 15 in Canada.

  25. Muhammad

    Means “praiseworthy” and ranks at the top of name lists in the UK. Multiple spellings exist for this one: Mohammed, Mohammad, or Muhammed.

  26. Leo

    With its kingly roots, Leo is a shortened version of Leonardo or Leonard but is worthy of standing on its own as a first name. In Latin, it means lion.

  27. Lucas

    A variation of Luke, Lucas was in the top 15 in 2016 and is number one in Sweden and the Netherlands.

Naming a child is a very personal choice for parents, so it’s up to you if you want to go mainstream, vintage, original, or anything else. As long as it has meaning for you, go with it! If you want to see some of the other names that made the 2018 list, check out babygaga.com.

What do you think of these predicted names for the new year? Do you already have one or two in your family?

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