When it comes time to stocking up on cleaning supplies, we all usually grab the same things— sponges, vinegar, baking soda. If you’re a frugal homemaker of the DIY variety like we are, then you want your cleaning products to be as natural as possible, but sometimes, we need something with a little modern magic. One manufactured item that’s totally worth it even has magic right in its name: Magic Erasers! These nontoxic tools use a fine abrasive foam that makes them the enemy of even the craziest of messes, including some that never occurred to us before now. PureWow recently put together a list of all the things it can clean, and of course we had to share them with you. It might surprise you to learn that Magic Erasers can:

  1. Bring old sneakers back to life.

  2. OldSneakersjianghongyan via Deposit Photos

    That foam turns into a kind of sandpaper once water hits and activates it, turning even the grayest soles white again.

  3. Get rid of stubborn stains around the house, like baseboard and floor scuffs . . .
  4. . . . marks from dead insects . . .
  5. . . . and dried paint on door hinges.
  6. Revitalize your phone.

  7. iphoneFlickr

    Sweat stains? Make-up marks? Food splotches? All gone. (Make sure you turn your phone off first.)

  8. Erase EVERYTHING on that dry erase board, no matter how old.
  9. Remove stubborn price stickers once and for all.
  10. Attack spilled and dried nail polish, wherever it decided to land.
  11. Erase evidence of missed garbage from a white trash can.
  12. Make your laptop look younger.

  13. Woman hands typing in a laptop in a coffee shopAntonioguillem

    Get rid of the evidence that you eat lunch at your desk every day. Food stains and fingerprints disappear before the power of the magic eraser, making even white ones look brand new.

  14. Clean your bathroom like never before and use the eraser to attack soap scum, mildew, and rust in your tub . . .
  15. . . . discolored and/or moldy grout . . .
  16. . . . mineral rings in the toilet bowl . . .
  17. . . . and even dirty mirrors!
  18. Bring the shine back to your jewelry.

  19. Costume JewelryCare2

    Remove tarnish from your silver pieces – it works on flatware, too! – and clean and polish your gold ones.

  20. Take the Magic Eraser outside and clean up white patio furniture . . .
  21. . . . shine-up your car’s hubcaps . . .
  22. . . . scrub the steps in your swimming pool . . .
  23. . . . and freshen up aluminum siding.
  24. Make the dirtiest sink, and its faucets, pristine again.

  25. DirtySinkWitthayaP via Deposit Photos

    Sometimes the most traditional uses are the best ones of all.

Now that you’ve tried using your Magic Eraser on everything on this list, are you itching to see what else it can clean? We understand! Check out PureWow’s original list for even more ways to use this safe, versatile tool.