Have you ever felt perfectly awake when you look over and see someone else yawning. Maybe you’re at school. Maybe you’re at work. Maybe you’re on an airplane. Wherever it is, odds are, you suddenly realized that you are yawning too.

According to a study published in Current Biology, contagious yawning is actually pretty common. What is contagious yawning? It’s yawning after you see or hear someone else yawning. Even when you try not to yawn, you might still find yourself yawning.

Think you’re up for the challenge to resist yawning? Don’t believe that contagious yawning is really a thing? Scroll down to see 20 photos of babies and animals yawning, and see how many times you yawn while looking at these pictures.

  1. baby_boy_child_cute_expression_face_human_infant-1258560

  2. Yawn in progress from r/aww

  3. lioness_animal_mammal_feline-680115pxhere