20 Tips and Tricks For Everyone Who Does Their Nails at Home

Doing your nails done is every woman’s right of passage. Not only is it a nice way to relax, but it makes you feel just an extra bit done-up, even if you’re just walking around the house in sweatpants.

The only problem with manicures is that they sometimes don’t last very long. After just one day, the polish might chip or a nail could break. Self-manicures can also get a little messy. Or it can be hard to get just the design that you’re looking for just right. Heck, giving yourself a manicure is not an easy task!

Another option is heading to a salon to get your nails done, but that can be expensive and time-consuming. So what’s the answer?

Janelle Estep has all the answers. After searching YouTube, Pinterest and the like, Janelle has compiled all the most helpful nail tricks and tips into a quick, 5 minutes video.

In the video below, she talks about everything from how to make your nail polish last longer to how to make your own nail polish remover jar.

If you’re constantly struggling with manicures, her tips are going to be super useful to you. For example, did you know that applying white vinegar or nail polish remover before painting your nails can help remove excess oils, thus helping the polish stay longer? Or that you could use eyeshadow brushes, a makeup sponge or shower loofah to create cool designs on your nails? Janelle hs all the hacks.

Additionally, she talks about how to make a lot of nail-related potions from scratch. For example, she visually explains how to make your own jar of nail polish remover where you can simply dip your nails in and don’t have to continuously soak cotton balls one after the other, which can get messy (and sticky!).

Janelle even includes a recipe for a homemade scrub that can clean and brighten your nails (which is probably much more efficient than what you’d get at a nail salon, and certainly a lot cheaper), as well as how to make your own nail polish stickers (which is not as hard as you think!).

You’ll also learn easy ways to help your nails dry faster, how to get polish off your skin more easily, how to fix a smudged nail or fix a nail that’s starting to break, and so much more.

This video is beneficial for anyone who enjoys doing their nails! Wpatch below to learn all your new favorite nail hacks and get ready to thank Janelle.

How useful are these nail hacks? Have you ever heard of any of them before? Which one will you try first?