My Fiance and I our expecting our first child in May. We’ve begun the exciting process of choosing potential baby names. It’s fascinating how particular name’s popularity seems to rise and retreat like the tide throughout the years. The folks over at NameBerry have recently analyzed over a decades worth of data to find the 10 fastest rising boys & girls names:


1. Violet: A Victorian classic that’s been given new life by celeb baby Violet Affleck.

2. Stella: Always makes me think of a “Street Car Named Desire”.

3. Adeline: Really beautiful name.

4. Lila: Lila has been a popular television name of late. Appears in Damages and Dexter, as well as Friday Night Lights.

5. Juliet: A shakespear classic. Nameberry says it will entering the top 50 soon.

6. Beatrice: I love the short version of this name – Bea

7. Elsa: A fast rising name propelled by Disney’s mega-hit Frozen.

8. Cora: This was a popular name in the 50’s that is making a strong comeback.

9. Aurora: The goddes of Dawn is rising again. Always a popular name it’s risen to number 145.

10. Ivy: Ivy has been growing in popularity ever since Beyoncé and Jay Z named their little princess Ivy.


1. Finn: This classic Irish name is on the rise again.

2. Emmett: Becoming popular again thanks to the Triliogy franchise.

3. Silas: This historial name is making a comeback thanks to the Da-Vinci Code and Weeds.

4. Hudson: Has jumped 500 places in the past 12 years.

5. Asher: According to Nameberry Asher is on track to break the top 10 in 2016

6. August: One of the most consistant boys names making the top 1000 every year since 1880.

7. Declan: Another Irish classic that’s poised to break the top 100 this year.

8. Jasper: Has climbed to #248 and is one of the only jewel inspired boys names.

9. Ezra: A classic biblical name that Nameberry thinks might reach #1 in the coming years.

10. Sawyer: Independent and intellectual.

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