It’s hard to pick our favorite summer food, and even harder to pick our favorite part of summer overall, but if really pressed for an answer, we have one that wins both categories: tomatoes. Fresh, juicy, red summer tomatoes. Is there anything better? Whether we’re putting them in ratatouille, slicing them over a salad, or using them in our favorite sauce, tomatoes make everything better— until they lose that freshness. Luckily, there’s a way to keep those tomatoes fresh far into fall, and it’s surprisingly easy. According to Pure Wow, you just need to follow two steps:

  1. Store them at room temperature. Do not put your tomatoes in the refrigerator!
  2. Wherever you place them, set them on the surface stem side down to stop air from entering and moisture from leaving.

That’s it. How simple is that?! I’m going to go turn the tomatoes on my counter stem-side down right now. What about you? Did you know these rules before, and do you follow them?