2-Step Sprinkler for Summer Water Fun

Who needs a pool when you have a sprinkler? When I was kid, there wasn’t anything more fun about summer than the opportunity to jump back and forth through the spraying water. If you want to recreate those memories with your kids, but don’t have a sprinkler, you’re going to love this idea from Housing a Forest. This simple two-step process uses everyday items and recycles for a fun and refreshing time.

You’ll Need:

– Sturdy plastic bottle
– Tyvek tape
– Drill
– Garden hose

How To:

  1. Attach the garden hose to the water bottle with the Tyvek tape.
  2. Drill holes into the top and sides of the bottle.
  3. Turn on the water, and jump around!

Easy! Did you play in the sprinkler as a kid? Will you give this project a try?