No two babies are alike—each one comes with their own special personality and unique set of preferences. We also all know that it’s tough to speed up their first milestones; anyone who has a baby is familiar with the fact that you can’t force a baby to walk early, for example. Nonetheless, some hit these milestones really quickly, like this 60-day-old infant who just said his first word!

Yep, you heard that right. And if you don’t believe us, we have some pretty strong video evidence to convince you otherwise.

Meet Christian, a two-month-old baby who hails from Michigan. This adorable tyke certainly does seem smart. He’s got big, bright eyes that are laser focused on his mommy’s at the start of the viral clip.

His mother, Samantha Jones, likes to do what all parents out there do—record videos of their adorable kids! On this particular day, she turned the camera on her little son and asked him a question: “Can you say ‘hello’ to Amber? Hello? Hellllooo?”

Now, we’re wagering to bet that the mother wasn’t actually expecting the newborn to respond, but sure enough, he did. Christian actually mimics his mother and says “hello.” Crazy, right?!

newborn baby smiling at cameraInside Edition I Samantha Jones
The boy even gives a sweet smile as he says it. I know that she was busy recording, but I would love to have seen his mom Samantha’s reaction to her tiny boy saying his first word! Something tells me that her jaw was on the floor.

The mother immediately shared the astounding clip with her friends, and now millions of people have watched it all over the internet. Two months old and already famous? Not bad, little man. Not bad at all!

So, you’re probably thinking that this baby has already moved on to full sentences by now, right? Well, not exactly . . .

Baby Christian’s parents tell Inside Edition that their little bundle of joy hasn’t spoken a word since his mother made the recording, proving it even more amazing that Samantha was able to capture the fleeting moment!

I know what some of you may be thinking out there: Did he really just say his first word? Sure, the adorable occurrence can just be written off as a well-timed coincidence, but there is a pretty solid scientific explanation for what happened.

Diane Paul, PhD., who is a speech pathologist, told Parents that babies do tend to make vowel-like sounds at birth, and eventually move on to consonant sounds around 2 to 3 months of age.

What makes Christian’s case intriguing, though, is that, according to the speech expert, the earliest that most babies start making speech-like sounds isn’t until 6 to 7 months of age. So, this could have been a case of a child mimicking his mother, but nonetheless, the fact that he was able to hit on those two syllables is very impressive!

That same Parents article advises parents to have conversations with their babies, as this may speed up their speaking milestone. As you can see in the video, it seems as though Christian’s mom was conversing with the boy, so perhaps she was helping him start to talk sooner, without even realizing it!

baby Christian and his mom Samantha in bedInside Edition I Samantha Jones
Watch Inside Edition’s video of baby Christian to see this amazing display for yourself!

What do you think about this newborn’s speaking skills? Were you able to clearly hear him say “Hello?” When did your kids start speaking? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!