Have you ever looked at a woman with a ponytail straight out of a Disney princess movie and been totally jealous? You know what we mean— those Rapunzel-like styles where a ponytail is so much more than something she throw together when she needed her hair out of her face quickly. Instead, it’s a gorgeous look that makes it looks like she has yards of gorgeous, healthy strands, all perfectly arranged and deserving of a tiara— or at least a pretty headband. Who wouldn’t be jealous of hair like that? Well, as of today, YOU! We can ALL have this hairstyle happening, whether we’re genetically blessed like a real-life Jasmine or Ariel, or we’re more on the thin-haired side. No more jealousy needed! All we need is this 2-minute trick, courtesy of Luxy Hair. Watch how she does, then read on for our easy step-by-step breakdown.

Smart and easy, right? Here’s the step-by-step process!

  1. Bring all of your hair back behind your shoulders and give it a good brushing.
    Brush hair back to prepare for ponytail trickLuxy Hair
  2. Divide your hair into two equal sections. Take the top half section and make a ponytail slightly below the crown of your head, or wherever you normally prefer your ponytail to rest.
    Take top half of hair and put into a ponytailLuxy Hair
  3. Put that top ponytail to the side. Take the bottom half section of hair and put that into another ponytail, positioned at the nape of your neck. Try to make sure that the two ponytails line up vertically. It’s also important that they are both made up of equal amounts of hair!
    Take bottom half section of hair and make ponytail at nape of neckLuxy Hair
  4. Now it’s time to bring the two ponytails together! Fan out the bottom pnytail, then align the top ponytail over the bottom one. Brush them together.
    Brush bottom and top ponytails together to blend as oneLuxy Hair
  5. Fan out the top ponytail so that the hair hides the demarcation line between the two ponytails, and so that the hair from the top ponytail covers the point where the bottom ponytail is tied at the nape of your neck. Pin the fanned out top ponytail hair in place.
    Fan out top ponytail to hide bottom and pin in placeLuxy Hair

That’s it! With the two ponytails blended together, and with the hair pinned in place to hide the division and the bottom ponytail tie, it really does look like you have one, extra-long, extra-thick, extra-massive and extra-GORGEOUS ponytail. And all it took was a few pins and only two hair ties!

Two ponytails blended together to create 1 big long oneLuxy Hair

According to Luxy Hair, this trick actually gives her three to four inches of length to her ponytail. Your results will vary depending on the length of your own hair and what you have to work with, but it will definitely give some extra length and wow-factor to your regular ponytail. Plus, it looks lovely brushed over your shoulder, too, so you can play around with your look and try what works best for you!

Extra-long ponytail looks great brushed to side over shoulderLuxy Hair

This trick is not only super easy and quick – it takes longer to explain it than it does to do! – but it’s a fabulous way to keep the long locks you’ve worked so hard to grow and keep healthy front and center while still getting your hair out of your face, AND it’s just a great update to the classic ponytail. Lovely, simple, and far better than any cartoon princess hair.

Do you love the look of a long ponytail? Do you have enough hair that your ponytails just naturally look like this one, or do you need this trick like we do? Will you be giving it a try?