Sometimes we look at gorgeous cakes and think that they must have taken hours to do. So it completely blew our minds to think that this gorgeous cake only takes the baker TWO MINUTES to do— but here’s video proof!

What’s more, watching it makes us think that maybe, with practice, we could do it, too. See how you’ll feel when you watch this clip from the Got Cake? YouTube channel. We’re betting impressed and inspired!

The cake starts as a plain, white cake, being rotated on a turntable so that the baker can decorate the bottom with beautiful white piping. This only takes them about 12 seconds to do!

Then they get to work creating the black drips on the sides of the cake, casually frosting the top edges of the cake and allowing the icing to drip down the bottom. It seems so simple (almost too simple!) but the effect of the dripping icing looks amazing. It’s hypnotizing to watch, really.

Next, they create the simple half-circle shapes on top of the cake, going all the way around the edges. Once done, they go around a second touch to add a quick detail to each half-circle. Then they go around a third time to make the detail a little more complicated.

The cake is finished off by plopping six bright red strawberries in the center of the cake. This was the perfect, simple touch to make the cake pop and to pull it all together.

How amazing. This cake looks extraordinary but took only about two minutes to make! The tools and the skills required were minimal, which means any wannabe baker out there can pull off this amazing cake design.

What do you think of this two minute cake decor? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.