For some, Halloween means getting dressed up as a superhero, layering on ghoulish makeup, or visiting a creepy haunted house. While we’re all for those activities, we tend to spend a heck of a lot of time in the kitchen in the days leading up to October 31. This spooky holiday really inspires us to whip up inventive treats!

Today, we’ve got a whopping 19 of our absolute favorite Halloween-themed dishes that are so easy to make, even the little ones can pitch in! For full recipes, be sure to click on this links below.

  1. Creepy, Crawly Jell-O Worms

    Add them to brownies or serve them plain. Either way, these gooey — and hauntingly realistic! — Jell-O gummy worms will be sure to creep out even the bravest of party guests!

  2. Candy Corn White Chocolate Bark

    Candy corn lovers, listen up! This rich and oh-so-sweet white chocolate bark will give you a whole new perspective on the classic fall time treat.

  3. Blood Fudge

    A must for any lovers of slasher movies, this surprisingly delicious fudge is made with plenty of sweet ingredients, including marshmallows. Yum!

  4. Mad Scientist Potions

    You wouldn’t believe it, but this Halloween party classic is actually super easy to make at home. Who knew dry ice could be so versatile?!

  5. Halloween Rainbow Cake

    If either you or your kiddos aren’t too into the gory aspect of Halloween, then try your hand at this gorgeous cake. Not only is it absolutely scrumptious, your guests are sure to flip after you make that first cut. So pretty!

  6. Death by Chocolate Cupcakes

    Take the horror theme and run with it with these super cute chocolate cupcakes. These skeletons-and-tombstone-adorned treats will positively “kill” (get it?) at this year’s spooky shindig!

  7. Cursed Candy Apples

    Lovers of Snow White won’t be able to resist these deliciously “bloody” candy apples. Creepy AND beautiful!

  8. Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Peppers

    Not so much into the sweets? Well, you’re in luck, because even your entrees can be on-theme if you follow this simple pepper carving hack. That’s one way to get your kiddos to eat their veggies!

  9. Creepy and Healthy Apple Treat

    Because Halloween is definitely not the healthiest of holidays, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include at least one nutritious addition to our list!

  10. Jell-O Eyeball Cheesecakes

    It just doesn’t get more ‘Halloween-y” than a creepy eyeball on a rich mini cheesecake. Each one is technically meant to be a single-serving, but we won’t tell you if you eat another one—or five!

  11. Halloween Cake Pops

    Everybody knows that cake pops are a cleaner alternative to a messy, goopy piece of cake, but many don’t realize just how simple it can be to customize them. C’mon, does it get any cuter than the Frankenstein pop?

  12. Black and Orange Deviled Eggs

    Even your classy hors d’oeuvres can be made to match your Jack-O-Lantern. It’s amazing what a bit of food coloring can do!

  13. Oreo Bugle Witch Hats

    While we’ll readily admit that the idea of munching on Oreos and Bugles at the same time doesn’t SOUND pleasant, the salty sweet combo is actually pretty yummy. Who knew?!

  14. Drinkable Slime

    Not the type to spend hours in the kitchen? No problem—you can make your very own drinkable slime in just minutes with this fun recipe. Gross, but tasty!

  15. Mummy Meat Balls and Hot Dogs

    Yet another crowd-pleasing savory treat that really “slays” that Halloween theme!

  16. Spooky Caramel Candied Pears

    Put a new spin on the classic candied apple dish by swapping the main ingredient for a pear. So decadent, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try this substitution sooner!

  17. Witch Hat Cupcakes

    If the Bugle sweet treats don’t really sound like they’d treat your palate right, then swap out the salty snack for an ice cream cone. Same effect, but even sweeter!

  18. Citrus Jack-O-Lantern Cupcakes

    This clever recipe is a must-try for anyone who LOVES the taste of oranges. Talk about a serious out-of-the-box food fusion!

  19. Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats

    Keep your dessert simple with this yummy 5-ingredient Pumpkin Rice Krispies recipe. Who doesn’t LOVE Rice Krispies Treats?

We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to start baking. We wish you a fun, spooky, and most of all, tasty Halloween!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these creative treats. Have you tried any of these recipes before? Which one are you going to try first? How do you make your Halloween parties special?