Wouldn’t you love to be able to magically fly through your house to clean it in less than 1 hour? That would call for being in multiple places at one time, cleaning more than one thing at a time.

You might be able to accomplish that with a team of helpers – robot, human, or otherwise – but the degree of satisfaction wouldn’t be the same. In comes this boatload of cleaning products that could very well change the way you tackle your household chores.

If convenience is what you’re looking for, you’ll find it on this list. If there are supplies you only thought existed in your imagination, it’s quite possible you’ll find them on this list too. You can take some of the most annoying cleaning tasks to task with these products – even while doing something else. Make quick work of housework!

  1. Door Track Cleaning Brush

    These little brushes are designed to reach into door tracks, window tracks, shutters, and other small gaps.

  2. Extendable Scrubber

    Bought one of these when I was pregnant and thought it was the best thing ever. Perfect for those who have a hard time bending down or reaching high to clean.

  3. Rust Remover

    Does this sight look familiar? You may need a new water heater, but in the meantime, get cleaning with some rust remover spray!

  4. Hair Clog Remover

    Yes, it’s gross, but somebody’s got to clean this stuff out. This handy tool can get it D-O-N-E.

  5. All-Purpose Scraper Tool

    Use this in your house or anywhere to remove adhesive, dirt, or unidentified gunk from any surface. And no, it won’t leave scratches!

  6. Microfiber Blinds Duster

    Run this baby over your blinds to get rid of dust bunnies easily. The removable pads are reusable once you wash them.

  7. Cast Iron Cleaner

    Everyone who owns a cast iron skillet needs The Ringer in the house. It’ll remove caked-on food without ruining the seasoning on your pan. And it won’t rust!

  8. Spinning Mop

    You won’t realize what you’ve been missing until you try one of these. Because of its shape, it can reach into crevices, and because of its design, you can use it dry or wet. The foot pedal leaves your hands free from wringing it out, and it’s easy to rinse clean. Mop + bucket in one package.

  9. Utensil/Cutlery Brush

    A non-slip kitchen tool that works great for scrubbing knives, forks, and other items with its double set of bristles.

  10. Microwave Cleaner

    We love the Angry Mama microwave steam cleaner for its clever design and oh-so-effective cleaning power. Vinegar and water combine to steam all the crud from your microwave.

  11. Coffee Pot Cleaner

    If you want something quick and effective, this coffee pot cleaner has heavy-duty power packed in the bottle. Used in homes, hotels, and restaurants, Squeak ‘n Clean lives up to its name.

  12. Bounty Detergent Towels

    If Bounty paper towels and Dawn dish detergent had a baby. . .wait, they did! These water-activated paper towels lather up to clean multiple surfaces in your home. One sheet is enough; just toss when you’re done.

  13. Green Multipurpose Cleaner

    Worried about chemicals and allergens in your cleaners? So are fans of this Puracy plant-based multipurpose spray cleaner that’s good for glass, stainless steel, and more. Safe for pets and kids, too!

  14. Eco-Friendly Carpet Shampoo

    Biokleen’s earth-friendly carpet shampoo is highly effective on pet stains, ink, and odors trapped in carpets for years. Its plant-based formula is easy on the skin, nose, and environment, and it’s safe to use in commercial carpet cleaning machines.

  15. Stainless Steel Wipes by Magic

    If you’d rather avoid a spray cleaner and want to do a quick wipe-down on your lovely stainless steel appliances, these are what you need. Gets rid of fingerprints, stains, and grease spots to make your goods look new again.

  16. Dusting Slippers

    Slip these on to clean your floors to leave your hands free for other chores. Crank up the music while you’re at it!

  17. Car Vacuum

    Clean up wet or dry messes in your car with this portable car vacuum. It plugs into your car’s power source so you don’t have to worry about using an extension cord!

  18. Washing Machine Cleaner

    Notice a funky smell coming from your front loading washer? Can’t remember the last time you cleaned your machine? Make time with these cleaning tablets that do the work for you!

  19. Water Bottle Cleaner

    Finally clean the gunk out of your water bottle or sippy cup straws and caps with this brush kit. People love this product so much they’re using it to clean humidifiers, juicers, decanters, and other things with tiny crevices.

How many of these items are already a staple in your cleaning caddy? What would you love to add to your arsenal from this list?