18 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Christmas is a time of tradition, and that includes our decorations. The tree, the stockings, the wreath on the front door— it just wouldn’t be Christmas without them! Still, traditions have to start somewhere, and where better to start than with some new and delightful décor?! DIY and Crafts put together a list of their favorites, and we’re sharing the best – plus some of our own best discoveries! – with you. Read on and pick on a new way to bring extra festive fun to your home this year.

  1. Rudolph the Red-nosed Mailbox

    Get your guests in the spirit as soon as they hit your driveway! Transforming your mailbox into everybody’s favorite reindeer is actually easier than you might think, and so adorable. All you need is some rope and imagination. Santa and your kids will absolutely love it!
  2. Snow-Covered Votives

    One of the most beautiful aspects of Christmas is how it injects a ray of light into the darkness of winter. What better way to reflect that spirit than by filling our homes with lovely candles? These DIY votives are especially appropriate, and creative. That snow? It’s made of Epsom salts!
  3. Christmas Music Candles
    ArtSea Gallery and Goods

    Another way to make simple candles perfect for the Christmas season? Wrap them in your favorite carols or hymns – literally! – with this lovely craft, perfect for decorating your living room or the top of a piano.
  4. Lacey Paper Snowflakes

    There isn’t a DIY decoration more classic than a paper snowflake— or easier! This lacey version takes the traditional kind one step further for a decoration you’ll be proud to display and your kids will still love to help you make.
  5. Frosty the Clay Pot Snowman

    The friendly snowman is coming to life today, and this time he’s here to stay! This fun idea works for both indoors and out, and repurposes those flower pots you have left over from the warmer seasons.
  6. Frosty the Refrigerator Snowman
    Crafty Mama

    Want another take on a Frosty who won’t melt? Let him take over your refrigerator! This crowd-pleaser will delight anybody looking for a wintertime snack. Both Mothering Matters and Crafty Mama show us how to do it.
  7. Santa Hat Chair Covers
    Make It & Love It

    Transform your dining area by taking some inspiration from the Man In Red! These chair covers are so much fun and sure to remind your kids to be on their best behavior, since Santa sees us when we’re eating, after all. Plus, these covers are totally machine-wash safe, so that cookie dough will come right out when the holidays are over.
  8. Felt Pinecone Owl Ornaments
    Lia Griffith

    We’ve all turned a pinecone into an ornament at some point in our lives, so let’s do something different with them this year, yes? Instead of just covering them in glitter “snow,” turn them into owls! The adorable ornaments can “nest” in your tree during Christmas, then hoot about your home, wherever you want, for the rest of winter and beyond.
  9. Holiday Door Mat
    A Beautiful Mess

    Holiday home décor magic starts as soon as your guests arrive at your front door, so get things off on the right foot with this beautiful and tree-full door mat . . .
  10. Moss Joy Letters
    Uncommon Designs

    . . . this green and joyful greeting . . .
  11. Grinch Door
    East Coast Creative

    . . . or this playful appearance from a classic Christmas character— hopefully after his heart grows three sizes!
  12. Hallway of Twinkle Lights
    Nest of Posies

    There are lots of typically-forgotten spaces in our homes that could use a little Christmas love. The most obvious one is the space between rooms: the hallway! Make it magical by stringing up some icicle-style lights across the ceiling, then listen for the oohs and aahs when you flip them on!
  13. Lights and Fabric Garland
    Charming Zebra

    Another area we should be sure not to overlook? Stairs! While we grew up with regular garland wrapped around the banisters, we love this enchanting DIY idea for one made of glowing lights and snow-like fabric . . .
  14. Giant Holly Garland
    The House That Lars Built

    . . . and this oversized one made of fun, giant holly.
  15. Holly Jolly Wall
    Snow & Graham

    Oversized holly also makes a great decoration for a blank wall. This Holly Wall is really easy, but makes a big statement.
  16. Cotton Ball Snow
    The Vintage Wife

    The weather inside will be delightful with this idea, another decoration for the blank spaces in your home. Made from just cotton balls and string, it’s also simple and easy. Look at all the ways you can have fun with it with two tutorials from Two Delighted and The Vintage Wife.
  17. Paperback Book Tree
    Jeannie Nadja

    Give your décor a literary twist with this fun idea. Grab your old or duplicate paperback books – and clear up some shelf space in the process! – and transform them into miniature trees covered in sparkle and shine.
  18. Ball Ornaments Window Garland
    Jaime of All Trades

    Candles in the windows of your home are always a classic, but we wanted to find a decorative idea we could appreciate in the daytime, too. Enter this idea from Jaime of All Trades that easily adds some colorful whimsy to your windows. Bonus: it gives you something to do with all of those classic ball ornaments that won’t fit on your tree!

All of these look so much fun, don’t they?! I love those icicle lights hanging on the ceiling in the hallway. Check out even more ideas over on DIY and Crafts, then tell us which ones you’ll be trying first.