Let’s be honest, most of us have a stigma about brussels sprouts. As kids, no one wanted to eat brussels sprouts and for most of us, that’s an aversion we’ve hung onto into our adult lives. I know that I have never gone out of my way to buy and prepare brussels sprouts, that’s for sure. But the trick to this misunderstood veggie is how they’re prepared. The truth is, brussels sprouts are the perfect blank canvas to make actually delicious meals – you just have to know how to do it. To inspire you and hopefully change your mind on the brussels sprout, here are 18 savory recipes featuring this underdog of a vegetable.

  1. Buffalo Brussels Sprouts

    Buffalo Sprouts Delish

    Not even the pickiest eater can resist buffalo-style brussels sprouts. With a hot, crispy crunch, this healthy spin on buffalo wings gets even better when served with a side of buffalo sauce or creamy ranch dressing. Yum.

  2. Maple-Glazed Brussels Sprouts

    Mapple SproutsGood Housekeeping

    That’s right, there are chunks of bacon in there, as well. The sweetness of the maple glaze and the smoked savoriness of bacon are absorbed by the brussels sprouts, making them burst with flavor.

  3. Brussels Sprout and Artichoke Dip

    Sprout DipDelish

    Artichoke dip is insanely popular right now. Give this beloved dip an interesting twist by throwing some roasted brussels sprouts into the mix. There is nothing I would rather sink some chips into than this decadent dip.

  4. Brussels Sprouts, Bacon and Gruyere Frittata

    Sprout FrittataFood & Wine

    Frittatas are quick and hearty meals – just a slice is a perfectly filling lunch or dinner (or breakfast, even). And with this sharp cheese, bacon bits and crispy brussels sprouts, this frittata is full of amazing flavors.

  5. Parmesan Brussels Sprouts

    Parm Sprouts EditedGood Housekeeping

    The perfect side dish! Roast some brussels sprouts with plenty of olive oil and seasonings and then coat those veggies in plenty of Parmesan. Cheese to the rescue.

  6. Lemon Cream Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Sage

    Lemon Bacon SproutsDelish

    A light lemon sauce and perky sage make this a bright, flavorful dish! For a walk on the savory side, throw in some bacon bits – clearly bacon and sprouts are a match made in heaven.

  7. Brussels Sprouts Crisps

    Sprout ChipsDelish

    Yes, you can make your very own chips…brussels sprouts crisps, that is. Roast your sprouts in olive oil and seasonings until they’re irresistibly crispy. Then dip in this unreal aioli sauce to make the perfect appetizer.

  8. Sprouts in a Blanket

    Sprouts in a BlanketDelish

    Pigs in a blanket are so last year. Brussels sprouts in a blanket? Quick, delicious and so much fun for kids and adults alike! I would wrap my sprouts in some pepper jack cheese before they went into their “blankets”, personally.

  9.  Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Apples Side Dish


A double crunchy side dish! The sweet, crispy apples with the roasted brussels sprouts make a delicious side dish. Add dried cranberries and a sweet vinaigrette to really flavor this dish.

10. Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Brussels Sprouts, Blue Cheese and Cranberries

brussels_sweetSo Hungry Blog
This. Looks. Amazing. When roasted sweet potatoes are involved, you know it’s going to be good. Top the potato with diced brussels sprouts, cranberries and blue cheese for the most perfectly paired baked potato of your life.

11. Brussels Sprouts Gratin

brussels_gratinThe View from Great Island
With bacon, butter and cheese, even the most serious brussels sprouts hater is sure to be converted. One bite and you’ll be in love.

12. Brussels Sprout Pesto

brussels_pestoHeather Christo Cooks
Boil them, rinse them, and process them with garlic, almonds, olive oil, lemon juice and Parmesan cheese to make a tasty (and nutritious) pesto for your pasta.

13. Brussels Sprouts and Chorizo Beer Hash

brussels_hashFood 52
Brussels for breakfast? You got that right! Sprouts blend in perfectly with home fries and an egg on top. The beer glaze? Just an extra bonus.

14. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Vinegar

brussels_balsamicTwo Peas and Their Pod
This brussels sprout recipe is so simple, you literally have no excuse. Just four ingredients and you’ll have a big helping of balsamic sprouts, bursting with flavor in every bite.

15. Bacon Fat Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Crispy Garlic and Thyme

brussels_baconSlim Palate
Bacon fat is a perfect seasoning – not surprisingly, it makes everything flavorful and delicious, including brussels sprouts. Saute with crispy garlic and thyme for the most savory sprouts you can imagine.

16. Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Acorn Squash

brussels_acornThe Healthy Foodie
Having a crowd? Casserole dishes are just the thing and, lucky for you, brussels sprouts make great casserole dishes, too! Oven roasted sprouts and diced acorn squash make an ideal combination for any time of year.

17. Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Prosciutto Bites

Brussels sprouts can even be kebabed! Savory prosciutto skewered between roasted brussels sprouts make perfect, classy finger foods that your guests will love!

18. Roasted Brussels Sprouts in Sweet Chili Sauce

Brussel Sprouts EditedSteamyKitchen
Find sweet chili sauce at any supermarket (usually in the International Foods section). It will give the sprouts a nice sweet taste with just a little bit of a kick.


Who knew brussels sprouts could be so mouth watering? Do you have any amazing ways you prepare these sprouts? Share them in the comments section below.