I’ve been nearly four decades on this planet and I can’t believe I haven’t thought of some of these brilliant kitchen tips. Check em out and share with friends:


1. Everything goes better with Bacon. I know a friend who would make these and eat them in front of his friends oohhing and ahhing.



2. Darn it! I’ve actually bought chip clips before. Doh!



3. I use this for leftover coffee. When I want a quick cup I pop a few cubes in the microwave. Viola.



4. You’re going to score some serious cool parent points with this one.  I’d flip if anyone tried this with a waffle cone.


5. I’ve seen this before at those surf shack type restaurants. Still a good tip.


6. How did I not think of this! No more paying extra for those flat bottom shells.


7. This is brilliant. There should be a prize for people who think these tips up. Like a Nobel prize – maybe the Martha award?


8.  My measureing spoons and cups are all over the place. I love the conversions too. You can make this pretty easily. Just get a small light piece of wood, chalk board pain, and hooks. Just pring this picture into Lowes or Home Depot and they’ll get you hooked up.



9. Perfect corn in a fractionof the time.  All three of us at TipHero have tested this method and are totally addicted.



10. This is the type of thing where I go scrambing around looking for little bowls and my wife whips this thing out and looks like a genius.


11. Pure genius. Blueberries added separately :)



12. I went digital but if you’re still doing analog this is brilliant. Perfect for those recipes Grandma & Mom write out for you.


13. I’ve forgotten to chill a bottle of white wine before a dinner party. This is how you chill something FAST.


14. From Pizza HQ


15. Oh now you tell me – How did I not think of this.


16. No more buying those more expensive long matches.


17. I’ve actually contemplated this problem for more than an hour once and I didn’t think of this simple hack.


18. Simple way to make taco bowls. Or spray within a little oil, add cinnamon and you’ve got really nice ice cream bowls.


Please share these with your friends :)

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