17 Charming Victorian Baby Names That Are Due for a Comeback

Any parent knows how difficult it can be to settle on a baby name! It’s tricky business; you don’t want your kid to be the fifth Emma in her kindergarten class, but you also don’t want to name her something so off-beat that she’ll be ridiculed for it. Tricky business indeed!

To solve this age-old predicament, we dug deep into the baby name archives and came across quite the discovery—the most popular names from the Victorian era are absolutely stunning. Each and every one has a certain ‘new, yet familiar’ quality to it! Here are 17 of our absolute favorites…

  1. Everett

    We love this boy’s name because it feels unique, but it’s also one that’s easy to pronounce and, most importantly, spell. Furthermore, it’s starting to make a real comeback—in 2017, it was the 108th most popular boy’s name!

  2. Ives

    An English variation of the French male name ‘Yves’, Ives is smooth, simple and quite strong, if you ask us!

  3. Birdie

    If you hail from the deep South, you likely are well-acquainted with this sweet, girl’s name. And, as you’ll see in the video below, Birdie is really ‘in’ these days…

  4. Arabella

    Yet another girl’s name that is experiencing a renaissance, of sorts, Arabella holds the sweet meaning of ‘obliging girl’. It’s a nice title, even if your daughter ends up being quite the ‘stubborn girl’!

  5. Briar

    A unisex name that, these days, is usually given to little girls. Briar means ‘strength’ or ‘thorny’—a fitting title for the new little fighter in your life!

  6. Tesla

    A Serbian name that’s been around for much longer than the car—or the inventor for that matter! While it’s certainly a name that evokes images of technology, it’s also one that fits well for either a baby boy or baby girl.

  7. Cora

    Victorian baby photo 7Daniel Rey via Unsplash

    Calling all “Downton Abbey” fans! Not only is Cora a fantastically strong character, the name itself is short, sweet, and oddly contemporary.

  8. Larkin

    Another unisex name that manages to feel both down-to-earth and ethereal all at once!

  9. Ottilie

    The feminine and surprisingly delicate version of the German ‘Otto’, Ottilie has produced plenty of sweet nicknames, like Lottie and Tillie. Cute!

  10. Jules

    The French form of the Latin ‘Julius’, Jules is actually currently within the top 10 baby names in France. A great choice for all of you proud Francophiles!

  11. Sophronia

    A gorgeous Greek name that experienced a surge in popularity in the 1800s, Sophronia is a stately girl’s name that can be shortened to Sophia or Sophie. It’s good to have options!

  12. Gilbert

    With a meaning like “shining pledge,” it’s no wonder why this popular Victorian-era name still holds the same vigor that it did in its heyday.

  13. Winnie

    Although it’s technically a moniker for more queenly names like Gwendolyn, Winifred, and Edwina, we think this one is perfect on its own.

  14. Edison

    Another name that conjures up images of lab coats, Edison may make you think about science, but it’s also surprisingly versatile. After all, if your kid doesn’t end up digging his title, he can always opt for the simpler ‘Ed’.

  15. Archie

    A must for lovers of old-school comics, Archie is the shortened version of ‘Archibald’, a much lighter and approachable option, if you ask us!

  16. Flora

    Who wouldn’t want their little girl to share a name with the Roman goddess of flowers and eternal youth?

  17. Della

    A name that is slowly regaining popularity, Della means ‘of nobility’. A perfect option for your little princess!

Talk about some seriously impactful names! We can’t wait to hear what you think about these Victorian titles. Which one is your favorite? Does your child have a name from this era? What’s your all-time favorite baby name?