If you think back to your parents or even grandparents scolding you—what do you think of?

It doesn’t even have to be a scolding. What about just simple things you used to hear all the time in daily life? Things about video tapes or how much time you were allotted on the Internet— or sorry, the Word Wide Web, rather.

These things don’t really make much sense anymore, and in 2018, would rarely be spoken. Modern kids would either stare blankly at their parents for saying such foreign lines or roll their eyes and think they were old as straw. (There’s an old line already!)

Here are 17 phrases parents would never be caught dead saying to their kids in this day and age:

  1. “Another word, and you’re off to bed without dinner.”

    The most “cruel and unusual” punishment— especially in this day and age when teens can just order UberEats or GrubHub and no one can stop them.

  2. “Here’s a quarter so you can call me from the pay phone.”

    First off, let’s talk about how cheap calls used to be. Second— pay phone?

  3. “Make sure you rewind the tape before returning it to Blockbuster.”

    Um, what is a Blockbuster? And what’s a tape? Like the sticky stuff? Rewind? Sorry, wha?

  4. “You can only have one hour of Internet time until homework.”

    Good one. And you’re going to limit that how?

  5. “I know you wanted an iTunes gift card, but I got you a Tamagotchi instead.”

    If a modern-day child got a Tamagotchi for Christmas – or an iTunes gift card, for that matter – they’d probably…

  6. “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

    Obv, Mom, I have Google.

  7. “I’ll give you something to cry about.”

    I can just hear my grandmother saying this. People had no fear back then!

  8. “If you don’t eat your dinner, you can starve.”

    People would legit call 911 if they heard this now.

  9. “What a Kodak moment.”

    Kids would definitely not know what “Kodak” is these days. Not to mention, what even qualifies as a Kodak moment anymore, since we photograph literally everything? A picture of sushi?

  10. “I’m going to wash your mouth out with soap!”

    Okay, Dad, the 80s called and wants their cliché line back.

  11. “Go find something to do.”

    Is boredom even a thing now?

  12. “That’s not an appropriate screen name.”

    And let’s not even talk about your away messages…

  13. “Stay right there, let me take a photo on my wind-up camera.”

    What the…and you can’t even see the photos right away? How do you know if it was a good one?!

  14. “Can you roll up that window, please?”

    You mean…press the button, right?

  15. “You’re like a broken record!”


  16. “Don’t touch that dial!”

    Unless you’re referring to a temperature dial (which isn’t even that relevant anymore), no one will know you really mean you still want to watch the TV channel that’s on.

  17. “Get off the phone, I’m on it!”

    But why can’t we both be on the phone?!

Did your parents ever use any of these lines before? Can you imagine if parents used them now? They don’t even make much sense anymore! Share your favorite line your parents used to use on you that modern parents would never use.