Real talk: does it get ANY better than peanut butter? Not only is this ooey-gooey treat delicious, it also packs quite the nutritional punch! With an astounding 8 grams of protein and loads of “good fat” per serving, it’s no wonder why this creamy and crunchy spread is a favorite amongst the healthy-eating crowd.

With that being said, peanut butter also serves as the perfect addition to classic desserts—something we personally prefer to regular old apples and Jif!

Here are 17 of our all-time favorite ways to spruce up meals and treats using peanut butter. For full recipes and tutorials, be sure to click on the links below.

  1. Mix up some no-bake fudge


    If you’ve never added creamy peanut butter to your fudge, then you are seriously missing out! Not only does it add a divine, milky texture, it also provides a much richer flavor than your standard chocolate variety. Yum!

  2. Transform your scrap peanut butter into a nutritious breakfast

    peanut butter oatmealMind Over Munch

    Don’t let ANY of that precious peanut butter go to waste! Instead, add some raw oats to the jar, along with your favorite oatmeal accoutrements, like fruit and nuts. Stick the concoction in the fridge overnight with some milk or water, and you will wake up to delicious oatmeal. The best part? You can eat it right out of the peanut butter jar. Score!

  3. Chill out with these peanut butter sundae pops

    peanut butter sundae popsyoyomax12 - the diet free zone

    There’s no better way to beat the heat than by munching on these cool treats. This specific recipe is a peanut butter lover’s dream, calling for plenty of the creamy variety, along with fresh, chopped peanuts AND peanut butter cups. Talk about decadent!

  4. Roll up a grilled peanut butter and jelly burrito

    Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly BurritoPOPSUGAR Food

    Are your kids tired of noshing on those uninspired PB&J sandwiches? If so, smother that peanut butter and jelly onto a wrap and grill it up like a burrito. Sure, it may sound unconventional, but the irresistible, salty-sweetness will have them begging for more.

  5. Avoid sticky situations

    peanut butter on spoonrobinmcnicoll via Flickr

    Is stuck peanut butter putting a damper on your baking masterpiece? If so, spray a bit of cooking oil onto your cooking utensils and measuring cups before you dive into that jar. A little (and we mean a LITTLE!) goes a very long way. Simply spray, scoop, and watch the sticky stuff slide right off. Genius!

  6. Indulge in a banana peanut butter s’mores boat

    banana peanut butterPopSugar

    If that mouthwatering picture hasn’t convinced you that you NEED to try this ingenious “Frankenfood”, we don’t know what will.

  7. Create your own show-stopping giant peanut butter cup

    big peanut butter cupMy Cupcake Addiction

    Sure, this giant peanut butter cup may look like it belongs at a county fair, but it’s actually easy enough to make on your own at home. The perfect “birthday cake” for the peanut-butter-lover in your life!

  8. Load it into an apple

    peanut butter appleAwestruck

    Do your kids love that classic peanut butter and apple combo? If so, hollow out an apple and add some of the smooth variety into its center, then cut through the sides and hold together with saran wrap. This snack keeps well in a lunch box and is sure to be a real hit on the playground!

  9. Make breakfast special with these peanut butter and banana French Toast roll-ups


    What better way to start off a lazy Sunday than with a plate of delectable French toast roll-ups? While we love this classic recipe, we think the added peanut butter makes it a true breakfast stand-out.

  10. Ditch the take-out and fire up your own Thai chicken skillet

    ThaiSkilletChicken-1-5aKelsey Kinser

    Believe it or not, Thai food is relatively simple to make at home. To achieve that authentic, exotic flavor that everyone loves, don’t skip the peanut butter!

  11. Whip up some salty and sweet apple nachos

    CloseUpAppleNachosRada Cutlery

    A clever spin on that timeless after-school snack—apples and peanut butter. This revved-up version includes plenty of creamy peanut butter, coconut, lemon juice, and even ice cream toppings. Not quite what we normally picture when we hear “nachos”, but we’ll take ‘em!

  12. Freeze it up in an ice cube tray

    Ice Cube Tray Chocolates Fillings

    Believe it or not, you can make your very own scrumptious filled chocolates by freezing up a dab of peanut butter in an ice cube tray filled with melted chocolate. Add a bit of variety by using fluffy marshmallows and caramels, too. Yum!

  13. Start the day off right with these no-bake breakfast bars

    No Bake Breakfast Bars 1Darebee

    One of the best properties of peanut butter is that its sticky texture makes it perfect for no-bake dishes. This recipe allows you to make 16 ultra-healthy breakfast bars in less than 10 minutes of prep time. Throw the pan in your fridge for a couple of hours and the peanut butter will harden into energy-enhancing deliciousness in no time!

  14. Get rid of that oil

    peanut butter jar upside downAll My Kids In A Row

    If you are a fan of natural peanut butter, then you know just how annoying it can be to deal with that oily, globby mess that tends to settle on the surface. To combat this, simply store your peanut butter upside down! Once opened, you may notice a bit of liquid, but a bit of gentle stirring should restore it to its thick texture in no time.

  15. Re-mix your cheesecake balls with some crunchy peanut butter


    Because not EVERY recipe needs to be healthy, right? These cute cheesecake bites taste just like the pricey store-bought variety, but the bonus ingredient of peanut butter makes these a treat you won’t want to miss.

  16. Add some protein-packed peanut butter to your chocolate chip pancakes

    Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter PancakesPretty. Simple. Sweet.

    Smoothing a bit of peanut butter onto your AM pancakes is a great way to add some supplemental protein to your diet. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to boring, old pancakes-and-syrup ever again.

  17. Use the jar to make peanut butter hot chocolate

    peanut butter hot chocolateFood52

    Similar to the oatmeal recipe, a near-empty jar of peanut butter serves as the perfect vessel for a plethora of treats. You can add in your favorite hot chocolate ingredients into the jar and pour in a bit of not-too-hot water or milk. The result is decadent hot cocoa with a tinge of rich peanut butter.

Now that your peanut butter skills have expanded, we’d like to hear from you! Have you tried any of these recipes before? Do you have a recipe that you would like to share? Do you have any tips regarding baking with peanut butter?