Ever hear the phrase, “It’s not the big things, it’s the small things”? Never has a truer phrase been spoken.

Little moments are what make life great. Big things have its time and place too of course, but it’s the little moments that tend to make life more full.

Don’t believe us? Think about how you feel each time of these simple little pleasures happens to you. We can almost guarantee they can make your day that much better.

  1. When you pull a $10 bill out of your jeans

    You totally forgot you put that there last time you wore them. Suddenly you can treat yourself to a an ice cream, a beer, or a new pair of earrings.

  2. Taking that first sip of water when you’re parched

    Is there anything better than drinking an ice-cold glass bottle of water after long run, and the cool sensation is all you can think about?

  3. Parking well on the first try

    You see the only spot left in the parking lot and you turn right into it—and you don’t have to adjust a thing.

  4. Realizing you don’t have to get up yet

    You know when you abruptly wake up in the middle of the night, but you think you overslept and need to get ready for work? But you glance at the time and you have, like, four more hours to go? Snuggle right back into that pillow, you.

  5. When you get a letter in the mail

    Like a real, hand-written snail mail letter from a friend or family member. There’s something truly gratifying about a letter you can hold in your hands vs. an email or text, which are much more commonplace these days.

  6. Sinking into fresh bed sheets

    Especially when you’re really, really tired.

  7. Getting a compliment you weren’t expecting

    Oh, you like my shirt? My sales pitch was well received? My skin is glowing? *Blushes.”

  8. Smelling a sentimental odor

    Whether it’s blueberry pancakes that remind you of your childhood Sunday mornings, or the smell of pine needles on Christmas, getting a waft of something that reminds you of a happy moment can make you feel like you’re right there.

  9. Putting a shirt on right out of the dryer

    Especially in the winter when you’re freezing. Mmm, glorious.

  10. Just making a yellow light

    And then noticing in your rearview mirror that you were the last car to get through. Score!

  11. When the sun streams on you just right

    Whether you’re sitting on the couch with your morning cup of coffee and the sun is just starting to rise, or you’re out on the deck about to watch it go down—the moment the sun hits you just right, you feel at the sweetest peace.

  12. Deep laughter

    When something is uncontrollably, knee-slapping funny, and you let out the heartiest, most carefree laugh.

  13. Right when your workout is done

    Endorphins are real, and the moment you know you’re done with your workout for the day and don’t have to worry about it until tomorrow or the next day can feel like pure bliss.

  14. Eating something you’re craving

    Just really needed that piece of chocolate? The first crunch of a potato chip you’ve been salivating over all day? The bite of a chewy donut? Mmm, glorious.

  15. When your pet snuggles you after a long day

    It’s like they just know.

  16. When your hair falls just right

    The worst is when your bangs just won’t sit right, or your cowlick is going each and every way—the moment it sits just right feels immensely gratifying.

  17. When you cross off the last thing on your to-do list

    BOOM. You’re a savage.

Can you relate to any of these small, yet big things? What’s your favorite “little pleasure” in life?