Are you set on getting out of debt fast? One of the quickest ways to do this is to go on a spending fast, otherwise known as a spending freeze or lock-down. This method was extremely beneficial to Wise Bread writer Anna Newell Jones:

By doing a spending fast, I was able to substantially improve my financial life by paying off $23,605.10 in debt in a matter of 15 months! Now I am able to live a debt-free and autonomous life, one where my goals take priority and the debt doesn’t.

Here are the 16 steps you can follow to attempt to achieve similar results:

  1. List your debts and their interest rates
  2. Ask your creditors to lower your interest rates
  3. Picture the life you dream of living
  4. Ask yourself if there is any way that you can reach your goal with you current debts
  5. Decide to be done with debt
  6. If you’ve got a partner, try to get them on board with the spending fast
  7. Declare your desire to be debt-free publicly
  8. Create “needs and wants” lists
  9. Spend money only on things from the “needs” side of the list
  10. Focus on the things you can buy rather than those you can’t
  11. Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded people
  12. Attack your debts
  13. Remain committed to the process
  14. Continue with your fast until you’ve reached your determined end date
  15. Be proud of your accomplishment, big or small

To read up on the specifics on each of these steps, head over to Wise Bread’s How to Do a Spending Fast in 16 (Easy!) Steps.