As soon as that blistering, cold weather disappears, we think it’s about time to step outside and enjoy some serious sunshine! And because everyone knows that home is the best place to unwind, we’re sharing our top 15 ways to spruce up your backyard patio, just in time for spring. These projects won’t break the bank—they are ALL DIY and, best of all, are easy to complete!

  1. Fire Pit

    DIYFirePitHeaderHouseholdHacker in Rumble

    This fire pit will add a serious surge of warmth to those chillier nights. Bonus: It also doubles as the perfect place to sit around and make s’mores!

  2. Porch Swing Bed

    Porch Swing BedReddit

    Just as relaxing as a hammock, but about a HUNDRED times easier to climb out of!

  3. Tequila Bottle Hummingbird Feeder

    hummingbird feederDIY Network

    We love this shabby chic hummingbird feeder project because it literally requires you to enjoy a couple of your signature margaritas before you get to making it. Score!

  4. Stone Fountain

    stone fountainInstructables

    Looking to add some much-needed serenity to your outdoor space? If so, this trickling stone fountain will most certainly do the trick!

  5. Rustic Wood Garden Gate

    garden gateBob Vila

    Gone are the days of boring, rod iron fencing! Take a cue from this beauty and make your own country-inspired garden entryway yourself!

  6. Marble-lit Fence

    marble fencegarden drama

    If both you and your next door neighbor are looking to add some color to your yards, then consider adding these unique marble accents to your shared fence!

  7. Sturdy Hammock

    hammockBob Vila

    There’s nothing more blissful than curling up with your sweetie for a nap in one of these bad boys on a nice summer day!

  8. Dreamy String Lights

    string lightsShareably

    A perfect addition for those of you who love to host warm weather shin digs!

  9. Wood Pallet Table

    pallet tableLive Your Style

    This all-weather wonder may evoke images of dusty warehouses, but the end result is actually really chic!

  10. Colorful Wood Accents

    colorful planters and fenceDecorazilla

    Here’s a challenge: Brush some colorful paint onto all of the bare wood surfaces in your yard. You’ll be met with some seriously vibrant results.

  11. Pocket Garden

    shoe holder gardenBuff Strickland via Good Housekeeping

    Over-the-door shoe holders are like vinegar—you can use them practically anywhere, including your garden!

  12. Solar Lanterns

    DIY Solar LanternsDoItOnADime

    These iridescent jars do a great job at providing subtle, ambient lighting to even the smallest of outdoor spaces.

  13. Mason Jar Herb Garden

    HerbGardenforListYa Gotta Have A Hobby via Country Living

    What better way to upcycle your old spaghetti sauce jars than by using them to grow some basil for your future Italian feasts!

  14. Shimmery Gazing Ball

    gazing ballJennifer Priest

    Can you believe that these gorgeous, prismatic gazing balls were made exclusively with materials found at a dollar store?

  15. Tea Kettle Garden

    TeaKettleGardenforListFunky Junk Interiors

    Don’t trash that rusty tea kettle, upcycle it into a planter instead!

To get even more brilliant backyard inspiration, be sure to check out Shareably’s article here. Pretty soon you’ll be kicking back with a cold one, all in the comfort of your new, beautifully updated patio!

What do you think of these 15 backyard project ideas? Have you completed any of these yourself? How do you like to unwind in your outdoor area? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!