15 Time-Saving Tips Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

When they say “dog is man’s best friend,” we often forget the other half of that equation: man is dog’s best friend, too! This means that we have to take good care of our four-legged friends, just like they take good care of us with plenty of protection and affection.

For most dog owners, your pooch is most likely a part of your family. In fact, your pooch might be your entire family! You should be able to accommodate your dog(s) into your life comfortably, so both you and they have a good quality of living.

Struggling to keep your pup happy with your busy schedule? Well, besides carving out some time for your furry friend, you should definitely give these 15 tips a whirl; they’re meant to save time for busy dog owners while also making sure all your pups’ needs are taken care of.

Check out these 15 time saving life hacks for dog owners everywhere.

1. Keep a Lint Roller With You

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a dog that doesn’t shed, dog hair is probably a permanent part of your wardrobe. To keep your outfit looking crisp, keep a mini lint roller in your car or even in your purse, so you can clean up your clothes on a moments notice.

2. Attach a Carabiner

Just in case you have to tie your dog to a tree or a pole for a quick moment, keep a carabiner on their leash. This will allow you to comfortably and securely keep your pooch in place without having to make a hasty knot.

3. Quick Treat

For a quick cool-down treat after playing in the hot weather, fed your dog this treat: chicken broth and apple ice cubes. Sounds a little gross to us, but your pooch is going to love lapping at these cool snacks.

All you have to do is fill an empty ice cube tray with small chunks of apple, then fill with chicken stock. Freeze and let your dog enjoy!

4. Lazy Play Time

Busy with work but got a pooch that wants to play? Invest in one of those toys with a looped rope on one side and a ball on the other. Hook the loop on your foot and let your dog play with the other end while you work.

5. Clean Your Couch

Your clothes aren’t the only thing that are bound to get covered in dog hair, your furniture is going to get a coat of fur, too. For a quick clean, wet a rubber glove and wipe down the couch. You’ll be amazed how easily the hair comes off the upholstery!

6. Clean the Rug

Similarly, use a moist squeegee to wipe down the rug (just like you would the windshield of your car) and watch the hair come right off your floor!

7. Make Shampoo Last

Dog shampoo can get expensive, so to make it last for as long as possible, fill a water bottle with only a quarter of the shampoo. Fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake to get a diluted version. This will last you forever and be more gentle on your pup!

8. Invest in a Travel Water Bottle

There are some pretty cool water bottles made especially for dogs! They’re perfect for travel, even if it’s just a trip to your local park. The bottle is attached to a trough which you can open up and turn into a doggie bowl no matter where you are. Pretty brilliant, if you ask us.

9.  Do Your Research

It’s always good to read up on ways to protect your dog, as weird as some of it may seem. For example, learn how to give your dog the Heimlich and how to perform CPR on your pooch. You never know when you might need these skills.

10. Freshen Their Breath

If your dog has stinky breath, you can fresh it easily! Sprinkle a little parsley into your dog’s food to instantly freshen their breath.

11. Use Vaseline

Cold weather can be tough on your pooch’s paws, causing them to become dry, cracked, and even bloody. To prevent this, or to soothe any pain if this has happened, apply Vaseline to their paws for instant moisture and relief.

12. Nix Static Electricity

When your dog is freaking out and don’t know why, try rubbing their fur down with a dryer sheet. Often, they’re uncomfortable because of the static electricity in their hair, and a dryer sheet will take away that sensation.

13. Dog Food Storage

To prevent your dog from getting into their food and having a party (which any dog owner knows could happen at any time) or to keep the food from going bad too quickly, keep your pup’s food in an airtight container.

14. Labeled Basket

If you have a problem with letting clutter run your life, you probably tend to lose things…including your dogs toys, treats, and other essentials. Try picking up a basket at the Dollar Store and labeling it with your dog’s name; this is the perfect place to keep all your dog’s stuff so nothing gets misplaced.

15. Food Checklist

Struggle to remember if you fed your dog breakfast or dinner? Make a weekly checklist to keep track of each meal your pet has eaten. This is a VERY important thing to keep track of!


What do you think of these time saving tricks? Do you have any tricks you would like to share as an expert pet owner? Share your thoughts and tips in the comments section below.