Does anyone really enjoy cleaning things? We know it’s something we have to do (at least, if we want to be a hygienic adult human being), but doing it can sometimes just feel so tedious. Clean the floors, wipe the counters, wash the windows…it’s enough to make us want to go lie down on the couch and take a long nap.

Okay, so we admit it, sometimes cleaning can make us feel really productive. And once the job is done, it feels great to have everything sparkling clean.

In fact, some times more than others, the cleanliness of whatever you cleaned is almost much too handle. Have you ever experienced this? Like that oddly satisfying feeling you get when you don’t even realize how gross the grime was and then suddenly it’s so clean and looks like a totally different object or room?

Don’t know what we’re talking about—or don’t believe us? Check out these weirdly satisfying photos of people who cleaned something just a little too well (in the best way possible):

  1. These insanely dirty door knobs

    They were in a basement for years, and now look at ’em!

  2. This bathroom that only Pig-Pen would enjoy

    Excuse me while we vom. But also smile because look at that after photo!

  3. This tire

    One swoop, one swoop!

  4. This playground

    How were kids playing on this before?!

  5. This power-washed back deck

    We swear that’s not white paint.

  6. This carpet

    The whole time, they thought it was dark brown.

  7. These boots

    They shine up like a new penny.

  8. This bench

    Nope, he didn’t wipe off the green paint. Because that’s not green paint.

  9. This brick pathway

    Doesn’t the brick on the right look like plastic? Nope! Just clean!

  10. This light in the ceiling

    Nothing like a renovation to realize how dirty the ceiling is.

  11. This ring

    The only bad thing about a long marriage is a really, really dirty wedding ring.

  12. This roof

    How does a roof even get that filthy?

  13. This rock wall

    Rocks aren’t the most important thing to keep clean, but hey, when that much moss is washed off, it’s super visually satisfying!

  14. This makeup brush

    Ohhh, so the brush isn’t the same color as my foundation? Got it.

  15. This post

    If calling a post stunning is wrong, then we don’t want to be right.

How satisfying are some of these photos? Do you ever clean something and didn’t realize how dirty it was? Which one of these photos is your favorite?