Upcycle Your Plastic Bottles With These 15 Simple Tricks

These days, it’s becoming more and more common for people to ditch those plastic bottles in favor of more “green” options, like re-usable canteens. It’s a noble effort, especially considering that these beverage containers are not known for being the most environmentally friendly items.

While we think it’s a great idea to recycle used plastic bottles, we think it’s an even better idea to UPCYCLE them. After all, there are literally hundreds of brilliant ways they can be re-used to make our lives easier.

From the silly to the funny to the just plain smart, here are the top 15 ways to breathe new life into your plastic bottles.

  1. Fun in the Sun Sprinkler

    Adding a few well-placed holes to your water bottle can help you make a backyard sprinkler that the kids will love.

  2. Egg Separator

    Having trouble making that egg white omelet? This separating hack will make the chore go so much faster!

  3. Piggy Bank

    A cute project for the kiddos that also teaches them about the value of saving their hard-earned allowances.

  4. Mouse Trap

    A DIY trap that helps you catch those pesky rodents the humane way.

  5. Wasp Trap

    If mice aren’t your problem, make this “sweet” wasp catcher.

  6. Round Cookie Cutter

    An expert slice to a water bottle makes for a perfectly-shaped round cookie cutter.

  7. Plastic Bag Dispenser

    Don’t think about purchasing an overpriced plastic bag dispenser at the store when you can easily make one for free!

  8. Citrus Juicer

    For fresh-squeezed juice on-the-go, look no further than this DIY citrus juicer. A must for all of you summertime picnickers!

  9. DIY Air Conditioner

    Supercharge your fan and save on steep air conditioning costs with this five-minute water bottle hack.

  10. Paper Towel Dispenser

    Another great option for summertime picnicking and outdoor dining. Pack along this dispenser, and you’ll never be chasing paper towels on a windy day again.

  11. Upcycled Bracelets

    What better way to show your passion for the environment then by sporting an upcycled bracelet made from recycled materials? Talk about some cute AND responsible jewelry!

  12. Umbrella Holder

    Hate having to throw a soaking wet umbrella into the back seat of your car? Instead of risking damage to your interior, simply tie this waterproof DIY holder to your headrest.

  13. Bottle Top Shooter

    Not all plastic bottle hacks have to be purely about function! This one, in particular, allows you to take your discarded beverage container and make it into a fun toy that both kids and adults will love.

  14. Mini Planter

    A must for those planting their own windowsill herb gardens, this plastic bottle planter is just the right size and provides custom drainage options. Cute!

  15. Cell Phone Reception Booster

    Who knew that an ordinary bottle of water could enhance your cell phone reception?

We just can’t get enough of these innovative repurposing ideas. To try these tricks out for yourself, just click on each point to get access to the full tutorials. Happy hacking!

What do you think of these handy water bottle tricks? Have you tried any of these yourself? Do you have any tips of your own that you would like to add to the list?