15 Gorgeous Baby Names for Girls Inspired by Destinations from Around the World

Searching for the perfect baby name is no easy task! If you’re stuck, why not look for inspiration around the world? We’re all about being connected and globally aware these days, so a girl’s name that evokes a place can be a really thoughtful choice.

There are tons of possibilities: you could choose the name of a place that’s special to you, or one that has historical significance, for instance. Many place names also just sound gorgeous. Here’s a list of our favorites. Some of these you’ve heard of, and some might be new to you!

  1. Florence

    This city in the Tuscany region of Italy is world-famous for its exquisite Renaissance art and architecture (like Michelangelo’s statue of David). There are also towns called Florence all across the United States. Plus, there some inspiring women out there with this name, from Florence Henderson to Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine fame).

  2. America

    While you might not think of this as a name, there are definitely some cases to back you up. Take the lovely America Ferrera, for instance!

  3. Dakota

    The name of this Native American tribe (and two states) captures something of the country’s deep roots. With people like Dakota Fanning helping give it a modern ring, it can be perfect for a girl.

  4. Adelaide

    Adelaide is a city on the beautiful Australian coast. The name actually comes from an old German word, “Adelheid” that means “noble natured.” We think this elegant name perfectly captures that spirit!

  5. Georgia

    Given to the 13th American colony as a tribute the the British King George, the name Georgia has a strong and feminine feel. One story even has it that the state’s official song, “Georgia on my Mind” was actually even written to honor a girl.

  6. Savannah

    While you’re down south, think about this beautiful city on the Georgia coast. If you want to take it another way, it’s also the name of the great African plain.

  7. Sahara

    Speaking of Africa, you could go with this site, known as the “great desert.” As a name, it sounds exotic and familiar at the same time.

  8. Zaria

    This one’s from Africa, too. The name of this major city in Nigeria sounds unique, but not too far out. Maybe that’s because it’s a little like the more familiar “Daria”?

  9. Alexandria

    This one doesn’t exactly scream “place name,” but there’s Alexandria, Virginia, for instance. If you’re going for some history, don’t forget the Egyptian city of Alexandria, which once had the Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

  10. Virginia

    “Virginia” itself has been used pretty commonly as a name. It’s got a slightly antique feel to it, which also makes it sound elegant.

  11. Lourdes

    This gorgeous city in the French foothills gained attention as a girl’s name once Madonna gave it to her daughter.

  12. Geneva

    “Geneva” also comes from the French. Genevre means “juniper berry,” but this word is most famous as the name of one of Switzerland’s major cities.

  13. Catalina

    Catalina is one of the Channel Islands located in southern California. It also means “pure” in both Spanish and Portuguese.

  14. Bethany

    As a biblical name, “Bethany” has some deep roots. It’s the name of an ancient village near Jerusalem, but if you want something closer to home, Bethany Beach is one of Delaware’s finest.

  15. Verona

    Like Florence, Verona is an old Italian town. As a name, it gets attention in part thanks to Shakespeare– Romeo and Juliet is set in Verona. It’s a nice alternative to Veronica that sounds beautiful.

Try these out and see if they’re just right for your little one! Check out the links below for some more girls’ names inspired by places.