We live in a strange world right now, and sometimes escaping to beauty and nature is exactly what we need to lift our spirits. If you’re looking for something that makes you go, “Aw,” we think we’ve found it.

Allow us to interrupt your day for the cutest thing you’ve probably seen all day and possibly in your entire life.

First, can we all agree that babies are adorable? There’s just something about a little baby that looks so hopeful. Especially when a baby is sleeping, they look so calm and peaceful.

Second, can we all agree that baby animals are cute? We may disagree about whether dogs are better than cats or vice versa, but it doesn’t matter. When they’re babies, they’re all cute.

Now, what happens when you combine a newborn baby with an adorable animal, natural lighting and a talented photographer? Magic, we tell you. It’s simply magical.

Sujata Setia is a UK-based photographer who first became interested in photography after her daughter was born. Like many parents, she started taking photos of her child. For Setia, she decided to turn it into a new career.

When her daughter was two years old, Setia decided it was time to add a puppy to the family. They named him Mustang. Unfortunately, the family pet passed away after only one year. Setia found a beautiful way to grieve. She wrote the following on her website, But Natural Photography:

“The day since Mustang left us, I started to photograph newborn babies with their furry friends. It was just my way to find closure to our sudden loss.”

Scroll down to see some examples of these amazingly beautiful photographs. We hope they brighten your day.

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