Though they’ve expanded into Halloween, Christmas, and even Valentine’s Day, to us, Peeps will always be synonymous with Easter. The marshmallow treats are just EVERYWHERE this time of year, in all the colors of the rainbow and both chick and bunny form. Everybody’s received them in an Easter basket at some point, and – on the less bright and happy side – everybody’s thrown away a few, too, when they just can’t finish the package. As cute and sweet as they are, you can only eat so many marshmallows at a time, especially if they’re the ONLY thing you’re eating. When they’re part of an adorable and delectable dessert, though? Bring on the Peeps! Here are FIFTEEN of our favorite ways to use Peeps, whether it’s using them to bake or simply playing with our food. Read on and pick your favorite to try this Easter.

Swimming Jello PeepsThe First Year
    1. This easy treat tops Jell-O and Cool Whip with a classic Peep swimming straight onto your plate. It’s a great way to turn a package of the marshmallows into a real dessert!


GiantPeepsCakeforListCookies Cupcakes and Cardio
    1. How to take Peeps to the next dessert level? Stuff them inside a GIANT Peep made out of cake!


PeepsDirtforListA Zesty Bite
    1. All kids love eating “dirt” – a.k.a. pudding and crumbled cookies – so you just know they’ll love this Easter version with Peeps Bunnies and edible grass.


EasterPeepCookieBarsforListPOPSUGAR Food
    1. As if a Funfetti cake cookie bar topped with white chocolate wasn’t delectable enough, this recipe tops them with Peeps for a super-sweet and colorful treat your kids will clamor to enjoy!


Marbled Easter Bunny CakeCookies, Cupcakes and Cardio
    1. This cake looks incredibly elaborate, but using Peeps actually makes it super easy to make. Put it together for an impressive Easter dessert centerpiece.


PeepsSkilletSmoresForListHow Sweet It Is
    1. Not only does this dish use Peeps to make s’mores – a fantastic idea all on its own! – it adds peanut butter and then bakes it all in a skillet for a dessert that is just out-of-this-world delicious.


PeepBunnyCarsforListMy Recipes
    1. Peeps are the perfect excuse to play with your food! This idea is incredibly fun and super-cute.


SkateboardingPeepsforListSweet Simple Stuff
    1. Or perhaps your Peeps prefer to ride their skateboards to get around Easter Town?


PeepshiForListSerious Eats
    1. What’s Peepshi? Peeps sushi! They’re made with Rice Krispies, fruit roll-ups and, for “soy sauce,” melted chocolate!


PeepsPlaydoughForListGrowing A Jeweled Rose
    1. Have more Peeps than you know what to do with? Turn some of them into this fun, easy and still-edible playable dough.


PeepPancakesforListI.E. Ice Cream
    1. Your Peeps party can start as soon as your day does! Just throw some into your pancake batter.


    1. At Christmas, we make gingerbread houses. For Easter? Peeps Houses! Your kids will love this idea, and you’ll love how easy and adorable it is.


PeepsPopsForListGimme Some Oven
    1. So simple, so festive, and so easy to make your own way!


MagicHatPeepsforListNot Your Momma's Cookie
    1. Make some magic and pull a Bunny Peep out of a chocolate-dipped Oreo hat.


PeepsRiceKrispiesforListYellow Bliss Road
    Instead of regular marshmallows, use Peeps to add some extra color and fun to regular Rice Krispies treats.

I am really excited to try those cake pops . . . and the cakes . . . and all of these ideas! I can’t choose! Can you? Tell us which ones you’ve tried and which ones you’re putting at the top of your to-do list. Are there any other creative ways to use Peeps that you love?