Here Are 15 Brilliant Ways to Add Storage Over Your Toilet

Considering all the important, hygiene-related tasks we do in them, bathrooms are usually way too small. Even if they comfortably fit all the important fixtures, there’s still rarely room for all the toiletries and accessories we need to perform those hygiene tasks and our daily routines. So we’re always on the look-out for smart, creative ways to fit more storage and organization into our bathrooms, and the number one thing we’ve learned is to keep a look-out for overlooked areas we can transform. One area that’s almost always passed over by home organizers and decorators? The wall space over the toilet! It doesn’t sound like the most attractive prospect, but when we saw this list from Amber Oliver, our eyes were opened to the possibilities. Look at all the brilliant storage solutions we found for that space, and pick one or two to try today!

  1. Metal Boxes

    A lot of people hesitate to make use of the space over their toilets because they worry about germs. If you fall into that category, take inspiration from this mom who came up with storage she can close by repurposing old metal napkin containers! You can use and mount any boxes you want – we think old school lunch boxes would be fun! – to shut away those toiletries, and give yourself some extra privacy while you’re at it.

  2. Sideways Basket

    For an elegant, easy-to-swap-out solution, hang a basket – pick the size you need! – from a wall-mounted planter bracket. Attach the basket with ribbon and fill it as much or as little as you need.

  3. Storage Cubes

    You use them everywhere else in your home , so why not in the bathroom? Arrange them however you want to maximize the space.

  4. Planter Box

    A slim planter box will fit in even the tiniest over-toilet space, and it’s compartments are perfect for organizing toiletries.

  5. Table

    The simplest way to get some extra surface space? Just slide a table in there! Make your own to your exact specifications, or repurpose a couch table or sideboard.

  6. Wicker Window Boxes

    Boxes and baskets made to withstand the outdoors are the perfect sturdy containers to handle your bathroom. This easy DIY lets you hang them from whatever hooks you want, too, for easy spacing and design.

  7. Towel Bar Baskets

    Another easy-to-plan-and-adjust DIY? Towel bars! A lot of homes automatically include a towel bar over the toilet, but that doesn’t mean you only have to use it for towels. Use S-hooks, zip-ties, or ribbon to attach as many baskets as you need for extra hanging storage. Plus, those baskets can be as nice as wicker or as affordable and sturdy as ones from the Dollar Store.

  8. Over-The-Toilet Cabinet

    This storage solution might be an obvious one, but that doesn’t mean it’s not smart! Cabinets like this one are especially great for people with small medicine cabinets, giving you more closed-door space for private prescriptions and toiletries you don’t want on display.

  9. Ladder Shelving

    Like the idea of a cabinet but don’t want something that bulky? Repurpose an old ladder! All you have to do is remove the bottom two rungs or so, and it should fit perfectly. Plus, if you ever need to do toilet repairs, this one’s easier to move.

  10. Wall Cabinet

    Another way to streamline that special cabinet? Go with just the top . . .

  11. Skinny Shelf

    . . . or just the bottom!

  12. Wine-Turned-Towel Rack

    You don’t have to stick with designated “bathroom” products for use in that over-the-toilet space. A repurposed wine rack makes the perfect decorative towel rack, adding an extra touch of vacation-inspired glam to your bathroom.

  13. Pot Rack Towel Rack And Shelf

    A wine rack’s not the only kitchen tool you can repurpose for the bathroom. This towel rack? It used to be a pot rack!

  14. Wire Baskets

    Use wire baskets to give each member of the family a designated spot for towels and washcloths to breathe. You can add or subtract as many as you need as your family grows or kids grow up and move on to their own places!

  15. Floating Wooden Shelves

    Floating shelves give you more surface space without adding any excess clutter or crowding your walls, and the wood helps add an all-natural, rustic chic feel. Of course, you can also use whatever style of floating shelves you want!

Want more ideas where these 15 came from? Then check out these guides from Amber Oliver, Hative, and A Little Piece Of Me. How have YOU made use of that empty space over the toilet?