There are some objects that we’re so used to seeing in our everyday lives, they barely phase us. So odds are, we don’t notice the tiny details on these items, because we’re just accustomed to seeing them day in and day out. But if we were to really wonder about some features of the commonplace objects, we would probably think – what is that even FOR?

It might be surprising, but most of those random features have a very real, very helpful purpose! Here’s the purpose behind 15 features on everyday items that you probably never knew.

1. Small Oven Drawer

The bottom oven drawer on your oven.Flickr via grant_subaru

If you’re anything like me, you probably store your overflow of baking sheets in this drawer on the bottom of your oven. But it has a very different purpose in real life. This drawer is meant to heat up dishes of food, especially just-cooked food that you need to stay toasty while the rest of your dinner cooks.

2. Bottle Cap Discs

Roman UrsuHack

You know those blue discs inside bottle caps? These serve a dual purpose, actually. They work to keep the liquid inside its designated bottle and for carbonated drinks, these discs help to keep your soda fizzy. Without these discs, your soda would go flat very quickly.

3. Keyboard Markers

Marks on keyboard.Providr

Look down at your computer, please. You’ll notice on the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys there’s a little raised line. What’s the point of these, you ask? Well, if you learned the “home row” technique in school, you’d know that these lines help you feel where your index fingers are supposed to land.

4. Wings on Apple Cord

Wings on Apple charger.Providr

Owners of iPhones will recognize the odd looking wings on the box of your Apple charging cord. They’re not just there to look goofy, their true purpose is to flip up so you can wrap the thinner part of the cable around the wings to prevent it all from unraveling.

5. Straw Holder

Where you can put your straw in a soda can.

This one blew our minds. The tab on top of your soda can has two holes, and the larger one has an amazing purpose. Turn that tab around so it’s over the opening of the can and you’ll see the larger hole in the tab goes right over where you drink from! This isn’t a coincidence, this hole is there to put a straw in for your sipping enjoyment.

6. Fabric Samples

Squares of fabric samples.Providr

When you pick up a new coat or pair of jeans, you might see that it comes with a small square of the fabric it’s made from. This isn’t so you can make a patch if need be, it’s actually to test the fabric with your laundry detergent to make sure it won’t damage your new digs.

7. Padlock Hole

Hole on the bottom of a padlock.Providr

If you use padlocks to keep your shed or anything else tightly shut, then you may or may not have noticed a small hole on the bottom. Not the one for the key, but the one next to it. That is actually to let water out, just in case the padlock is somehow submerged in water.

8. Chinese Takeout Boxes

Huffington Post

This tip doesn’t focus on a feature so much as it reveals a hidden purpose in something very typical: a Chinese takeout box. Odds are you might have one or two of these in your fridge at this very moment, but did you know they can do this little trick?

Takeout boxes are meant to fold out so you can eat off them like plates, rather than out of them like bowls. Whatever floats your boat, right?

9. Tabs on Foil Roll

1000 Awesome Things

How difficult is it to pull tin foil or plastic wrap out of its box when the roll is constantly popping out? Well, the company that produces these rolls has tabs inside each side to prop the roll on, this helps keep it in place while you’re pulling out tin foil and cutting it to just the right length.

10. Wine Bottle Indent

Bottom of wine bottom.French Cellar

Connoisseurs of vino will probably know the history behind the indent at the bottom of your wine bottles, but for the rest of us, this mysterious shape might be a mystery. Historically, punts were a function of wine bottles being made by glassblowers. The seam was pushed up to make sure the bottle could stand upright and there wasn’t a sharp point of glass on the bottom. It’s also thought that the punt added to the bottle’s structural integrity.

11. Spaghetti Spoon Hole

Large serving spoon on counter.Wikimedia Commons

Certain spoons are perfect for spaghetti, in fact, they’re actually made for spaghetti. Spoons with holes in the center are spaghetti spoons, and the hole is used to measure out the perfect portion of pasta.

12. Bobby Pin Grooves

Superwoman via Buzzfeed

Ever been curious about why one side of bobby pins are grooved while the other is flat? Well, the grooved side is actually meant to go face-down, into your hair. The bumps actually have a better grip than the flat side, assuring that your ‘do will stay in place.

13. Rubber Hanger Strips

The Shabby Creek Cottage

Many a time has come when I’ve yanked the rubber strips off the arms of my hangers. Knowing what I know, I’ll never do that again. These rubber strips are used to grip your clothing and keep them on their hangers. If your hangers DON’T have these helpful grooves, use hot glue to make your own.

14. Pen Cap Hole

Image of pen cap.Business Insider

This one is a tad dark. Those holes on top of some pen caps? They’re not there to let your pen ink “breathe”, they’re there to let US breathe. Should someone accidentally swallow a pen cap, this hole allows air to go through your windpipe until someone can hopefully help you out.

That’s a good reason to stop chewing on pen caps if we’ve ever heard one.

15. Sneaker Holes

jianghongyan via Deposit Photos

Traditionally spotted on the cult favorite, Converse, many sneakers sport two holes on their side. The reason being? To allow your sneakers to ventilate and keep them from getting smelly. Thank goodness.

What do you think of the true purposes behind these features? Did you know some of these already? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.