Our 15 Favorite Time-Saving Laundry Tips

Who do you know wakes up and jumps out of bed saying, “Hoo-ray! It’s laundry day!”? Yep, that’s what we thought. It’s something we know has to get done for the good of everyone, but that doesn’t make the job fun.

Funky, stained, and worn clothing and linens can pile up, so when handling this chore you probably have some sort of system in place to breeze through it. Or maybe you’re in need of one. Either way, these tips can help you save time and money when it’s time to wash ‘n’ fold. Let us help you in the spirit of clean clothes and mated socks!

  1. Cut Drying Time with a Towel

    You’ve got one dryer but five or six loads to do, so waiting for things to dry sometimes slows down your pace. Speed things up by putting a clean, dry towel in the dryer to absorb moisture. Check out the method here!

  2. Defeat Piles with a Routine

    Overwhelmed with piles of dirty clothes and linens? Pick up a few tips from a cleaning expert and launch a new laundering routine.

  3. Keep Your Appliances Clean

    Maintaining your washer and dryer will ensure that they are running at their best and not at their laziest. Find out the best way to clean your laundry machines here.

  4. Save Socks and Kill Odors

    Learn what the powers of ice, vinegar, and mesh can do for your dirty clothes with these tricks.

  5. Beat Static Cling

    Ever run out of dryer sheets before completing the week’s wash? You don’t have to scoot to the store in your jammies. Just grab some aluminum foil and ball it up!

  6. Dry with Wool Balls

    Make drying even easier by eliminating dryer sheets altogether. These reusable wool balls can be purchased from Amazon or other retailers for drying without harsh chemicals or scents. Their life span is way longer than a dryer sheet’s too.

  7. Whiten & Soften on the Cheap

    Do you know all the ways that white vinegar can change your laundry game? It whitens, freshens, and more. We’ll show you how.

  8. Freeze Your Clothes

    Ditch your trip to the dry cleaner’s and head for the freezer instead. Wonder awaits your jeans, cashmere, gym gear, and leather. Embrace the cold.

  9. Organize Your Laundry Room

    Get it together in the laundry area and be prepared for every stain, delicate, or special-care garment hiding in the piles. With a little help from the dollar store, everything will be within reach and laundry day will run smoothly.

  10. Fold Shirts Like a Pro

    Garner cheers for your neatly-folded shirts that are worthy of a store display. They’ll fit easily into drawers too!

  11. Conquer Fitted Sheets

    With the help of this video, you can do it in less than a minute. Jump on it!

  12. Make a Wrinkle Releaser

    Why buy when you can make and shake your own formula? Hang your garment and give a light spritz, allow it to dry, and you’re good. Keep a batch at home and take another on the road!

  13. Knock Out Stains

    Pretreat stains early before they get a chance to set in and you won’t have to run your garments through multiple wash cycles. Learn how to tackle some of the worst.

  14. Do Small Loads Daily

    Some laundry mavericks have struck it rich in the peace department by doing laundry each day. They wash, dry, fold, and put it away at once. By the weekend there’s either none or very little.

  15. Give Your Denim a Break

    You don’t have to wash your jeans every week, but there are some things you can do to keep them fresh in between washings. Learn the details here.

How do you tackle laundry in your home? Are you on board with doing daily loads? Which of these tips will you try?