Garlic may be a staple in your cooking, but it has a lot of other helpful uses that you may not be aware of. Because of its antibacterial and healing properties, it can be used in and as home remedies in a lot of situations. Here are some uses to try out courtesy of Wise Bread:
  1. Acne Treatment: have skin that breaks out often? Rub a slice of raw garlic on the affected area. The garlic’s antibacterial properties should help to lessen the appearance of breakouts.
  2. Pesticide Spray:

    When creepy-crawlies threaten your beautiful garden, send them packing with a natural pesticide infused with garlic. Soak three chopped garlic cloves in two tablespoons of mineral oil for an entire day. Then strain out the garlic and pour the infused oil along with a teaspoon of dish soap into a pint-size spray bottle of water and blast away.

  3. Cold Sore Treatment: put half of a fresh clove of garlic directly onto cold sores for 10 minutes up to several times a day. The acid may sting a little, but it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable.
  4. Splinter Extraction: put a slice of fresh garlic on a stubborn splinter and wrap with a bandage. The garlic should help coax the splinter out on its own.
  5. Facial Cleanser: looking for a nice, homemade facial cleanser? Create a paste with minced garlic, olive oil and sugar. Massage this gently into your skin and then rinse after a minute or so. Make sure you steer clear of any open wounds though, as this mixture could cause a burning sensation in those areas.
  6. Toothache Soother: if you can’t get to the dentist just yet, soothe your pain temporarily by rubbing the cut edge of a garlic close on your gums and tooth several times a day.

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