Just because you don’t have thousands of bucks built into your wardrobe budget doesn’t mean you can’t look fly! After all, some of the best clothing hacks around are DIYs that help resurrect old clothes, make them look new again, or turn them into a new outfit altogether.

Here are 15 of our all-time favorite clothing cleaning and repurposing DIYs. For full tutorials, be sure to click on the links below!

  1. Un-shrink your shirts

    shrunken shirtTaz via Flickr

    There’s nothing worse than accidentally throwing your new favorite cotton shirt in the dryer. So, what’s the secret to making your shriveled-up shirts appear new again? Baby shampoo, of course!

  2. De-scuff your shoes

    Vaseline shoesDigital Friend

    Put your leather and patent leather shoes front-and-center with this simple Vaseline polish hack. Who knew leather could bounce back so easily?!

  3. Men’s shirt makeover

    mens shirt dressCraftyGeeky

    If you love the feeling of walking around in one of your hubby’s shirts, why not bring the fashion show outside? All it takes to make your own stylish shirt dress is a few strategic cuts!

  4. Bedazzle your shoes

    louboutin diyethatcher via imgur

    Since very few of us have “Louboutin-approved” bank accounts, here’s a fun way to make your very own red-heeled dupes. These stilettos are a rhinestone-lovers dream!

  5. Re-mix your bra

    bra hackPSYmedia

    Are you a gal that needs plenty of support up top? If so, don’t settle for those “slippy and slidey” strapless bras when you can make your own chic backless brassiere instead.

  6. Repurpose old t’s into tote bags

    t-shirt bag finalWhatsUpMoms

    Because we all have too many t-shirts and too few versatile bags!

  7. Get rid of perspiration stains

    arm pit stainDaniel Case via Wikipedia Commons

    Never throw out a pit-stained white shirt again! Instead, let this magical baking soda-hydrogen peroxide recipe save the day.

  8. Transform your favorite scarf into a skirt

    scarf skirtGlamrs.com

    Did you know that, by using a simple hairband, your go-to pashmina can instantly morph into a light, elegant summertime skirt? The best part about this repurposing hack is that it does no damage to the scarf and requires absolutely NO sewing!

  9. Waterproof your shoes

    waterproof shoes featuredlittlethings

    Don’t let a summertime shower stop you from donning your favorite canvas kicks.

  10. Shoe drying hack

    OldSneakersjianghongyan via Deposit Photos

    And if you didn’t get the chance to waterproof your shoes before the afternoon thunderstorm hit, here’s a way to dry them in no time!

  11. DIY maternity jeans

    final maternity jeansWhatsUpMoms

    Don’t settle for pricey, ill-fitting maternity jeans when you can make a custom pair at home!

  12. Personalize your sweater

    sweater bowsMarzia via Flickr

    Even the most ill-fitting sweaters will look feminine and chic with this simple DIY.

  13. Remove pilling

    Blue Jean Razor HackwikiHow via Diply

    Just because your shirt has suffered some pilling doesn’t mean that it needs to be relegated to the donation pile. Instead, take a razor and shave off the offending fuzz. It works like a charm every time!

  14. Repurpose a t-shirt into a headband

    DIY T-Shirt HeadbandsPlayTivities

    If you’ve already made enough t-shirt tote bags to go around, why not try your hand at these cute DIY headbands?

  15. Remove wrinkles from your clothing fast

    wrinkly clotheswww.yourbestdigs.com via Flickr

    Before you reach for that iron, try introducing a few ice cubes into your drying routine.

Now that you know how to turn a hundred-dollar closet into a priceless one, we want to hear from you! Have you tried any of these clothing hacks before? If so, which one is your favorite? Do you have any DIYs that you would like to add to the list?