15 Awesome Christmas Light Decorating Ideas

When you hear the words “Christmas decorations,” you think Christmas lights, right? Most of us do, and most of us think of exactly two places to put them: around the tree, and outlining our homes. We love those beautiful traditions as much as the next elf, but don’t you think it’s time we shook things up a little? Christmas lights are too lovely not to spread the festive love! There’s actually a ton of DIY decorations you can make with them, and POPSUGAR has put together a list of some of the best. We absolutely had to get into the spirit too and share our favorites! Just look at all the ways you can light up your home this season.

  1. Burlap Garland
    Ducky Paige

    Going for a rustic feel this Christmas? That doesn’t mean you have to skip out on lights! Wrap them around colored burlap for a one-of-a-kind garland. You can use ribbons, too!
  2. Paper Doily Wreath
    Martha Stewart via POPSUGAR

    A simple paper wreath becomes something magical when strung with twinkling lights. Doesn’t it look like a ring of freshly-fallen snow?
  3. Light-Up Sign
    The Kim Six Fix via POPSUGAR

    Whether it’s the Star of Bethlehem or the lights on a tree, give whatever you decide to paint on this DIY, reclaimed lumber sign even more spirit by lighting them up for real!
  4. Illuminated Ornament Basket
    Unskinny Boppy via POPSUGAR

    Take that basket of balls that wouldn’t fit on the tree and turn it into a centerpiece that will start conversations, just by adding lights.
  5. Snow Globe Terrariums
    Pink Pistachio via POPSUGAR

    Nothing captures Christmas magic quite like a snow globe. Enchant and impress everybody who visits your home with these DIY ones that light up with the glow of the season.
  6. Christmas Shadow Box

    Is the weather outside more frightful than delightful? Create the Christmas winter wonderland you really want to see with this easier-than-you-think shadow box idea filled with holiday-light stars.
  7. Framed Card Display
    Reasons To Skip The Housework via POPSUGAR

    Instead of ribbon, use lights to highlight all that holiday love and make season’s greetings part of the décor. How great will your family and friends feel when they come over and see their Christmas cards displayed in such a beautiful way?
  8. Highlighted Home Decor

    One of the simplest ways to get a little more creative is to use lights to highlight unexpected parts of your home décor. Even the craziest wall decorations become perfect for the holidays with just a little twinkle.
  9. Porch Canopy
    Opague Canvas via POPSUGAR

    You don’t have to use a million bulbs to get creative outdoor lights. This canopy idea is a wonderful way to welcome your guests, making them feel like they’re walking beneath a perfect winter sky.
  10. Fairy Light Globe
    From The Blue Shed via POPSUGAR

    These magical creations are not only perfect for Christmas! You can leave them up all season long for a true winter wonderland feel that will make the wait for spring more fun.
  11. Heart Photo Wall
    Postal Pix via POPSUGAR

    Break those photos of Christmases past out of those dusty albums and give them a place of honor on the wall! You don’t even need to buy new frames— just arrange these lights in a heart to show them off and share the love.
  12. Light Tree
    We Heart It via POPSUGAR

    Even if you’re traveling, in a cramped apartment, or allergic to evergreen, you’re out of excuses not to have a tree. This wall-mounted tree of lights will brighten up any room and give Santa some variety!
  13. Photo Booth Backdrop
    Wedding Bee via POPSUGAR

    This idea will be a hit at your Hanukah, Christmas or New Year’s Eve party! Your friends and family will have a blast posing for holiday pics in front of a backdrop that looks like a sparkly, snowy winter night.
  14. Dixie Cup Light Garland
    Hey Gorgeous Events via POPSUGAR

    This frugal and easy DIY uses Dixie cups to let you pick whatever holiday colors and patterns you like. Stick with red and green, go with cool winter blues, go crazy with ALL the colors— whatever you do, it’ll be fun and festive!
  15. Light Carpet
    Imu Design via POPSUGAR

    A wonderful holiday can have you walking on air. This year, though, try walking on LIGHTS, with strings of light wrapped into an area rug. So magical!

Aren’t these ideas beautiful? Be sure to check out POPSUGAR’s list for even more inspiration. Do you have any alternative Christmas light decorations you like to do every year?