15 Breakfast Ideas That Are Perfect for the Holidays

Imagine your perfect Christmas morning. The whole family gathered around the tree, maybe in matching pajamas, opening gifts beneath the glow of three. Now tell us— what are you eating? After staying up into the wee hours making sure the magic is there for our kids, it’s hard to work up the energy to find the right recipes to start the festive eating. So we did it for you! Taking inspiration from Creme de la Crumb, we’ve found 15 fabulous options for Christmas morning – and beyond! – that are so much better than cold cereal or Santa’s left-behind cookies.

  1. Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes
    cinnamonrollpancakes-1-5b | TipHero

    If your Christmas dinner guests find out you started your day with THIS recipe, they’ll wish they stopped by much sooner! These impressive pancakes are also totally easy – you can use a mix OR your favorite homemade recipe – and their combination of cinnamon swirl filling and orange-accented cream cheese glaze make them a breakfast that is a true Christmas gift.
  2. Easy Crockpot Cinnamon Roll Casserole

    If your family, like mine, usually celebrates Christmas morning with cinnamon rolls, then you’re going to love this recipe that dresses them up in a sweet casserole and adds some extra protein. It uses canned cinnamon rolls for ease, and the crockpot lets you take time to actually enjoy the morning!
  3. Make-Ahead Christmas Morning Casserole

    It’s all there in the name! This recipe combines sausage, cheese, eggs and bread for a hearty, savory start to the day that’ll make you totally satisfied all the way to dinnertime.
  4. Easy Chocolate Croissants

    Maybe you don’t really want a full meal come Christmas morning, but you still want to start the day with something special. That’s where these easy-to-make and indulgent chocolate croissants come in to help!
  5. Cookie Cutter Pancakes
    cookiecutterpancakes-1-3a | TipHero

    Since we PROBABLY shouldn’t have Christmas cookies for breakfast, the next best thing is this recipe for adorable pancakes in all our favorite holiday shapes. They’re easier to make than you think!
  6. French Toast Muffins
    FrenchToastMuffins-1-9a | TipHero

    Breakfast doesn’t get more indulgent or festive than French toast, but who wants to spend Christmas morning at the table and away from the tree? With these muffins, you can have a holiday-perfect breakfast you can hold in your hand and enjoy while those presents get opened!
  7. Cranberry and Orange Coffee Cake
    cranberryorangecake-1-9a | TipHero

    Did you know that for centuries, children used to get fresh fruits like oranges in their stockings? In the middle of winter, citrus was an incredible gift— and it still is! Give a nod to history AND treat yourself to some natural sweetness with this cranberry-and-orange filled coffee cake.
  8. Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake

    If Christmas morning isn’t the time to have cake for breakfast, when is?! This Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake is light enough to leave room for dinner but sweet enough to feel like a real treat.
  9. Egg Bacon Baguette

    The basic combination of eggs, bacon and bread becomes something extra-special with this simple and stunning recipe.
  10. White Chocolate Gingerbread Crescent Rolls

    Has there ever been a baked good more perfect for Christmas?! They’re stuffed with cream cheese and white chocolate AND topped with gingersnaps. Any other day we’d feel guilty for eating them, but on Christmas morning, we’re just going to reach for another one!
  11. Gingerbread Pancakes

    Pancakes are already perfect for family time and slow, happy breakfasts. When you add the taste of gingerbread and top them with cinnamon maple syrup, they’re perfect for Christmas.
  12. Strawberry and Nutella Crepes

    This simple and sweet recipe starts your Christmas off on the elegant side with a splash of Santa-approved color and Nutella deliciousness.
  13. Overnight Eggnog French Toast Casserole

    Want extra-special flavors Christmas morning but don’t want to be stuck over the stove instead of under the tree? Then you need THIS make-ahead recipe that soaks its French toast in an eggnog custard and tops it with festive cherries for a dish that tastes exactly like Christmas itself . . .
  14. Cinnamon Pecan French Toast Casserole

    . . . or this one, that adds pecans and ramps up the cinnamon and maple flavors!
  15. Coconut Stuffed French Toast

    Just when we thought French toast couldn’t get even more special and delicious, this recipe comes along! It’s stuffed with a coconut and cream cheese mixture for a dish that’s the perfect combination of sweet, savory, soft and crispy.

Yum! I’m starting to think I’ll have to make each one of these for the 12 days of Christmas— and then three days beyond that point! Which one is your favorite? Be sure to check out Creme de la Crumb’s list for even more options and tell us what you think!