Do you consider yourself to be a superstitious person? Be honest– do you step over cracks on the sidewalk or stay inside on Friday the 13th or avoid your neighbor’s black cat like it’s the plague?

Yep, same here! Although we aren’t exactly proud to admit it, we, too, perform these rituals out of fear that we’ll be cursed with bad luck– or worse!

So, to confront our fears, we looked into the subject of lesser-known superstitions from all around the world, and when we saw the wacky stuff we came across, we knew we just had to share it with you! Even if you don’t buy old wive’s tales at all, we’re sure that you’ll find each and every one to be as fascinating as the last.

Here are 15 of the oddest superstitions of all time…

  1. Cats are known to set curses on pregnant women

    While this idea would make any die-hard cat lover scoff, there is some truth in this weird superstition. Apparently, pregnant women shouldn’t change a cat’s litter box because it could expose them to parasites. Strange, but true!

  2. Blue ceilings on porches ward off evil spirits

    This old wive’s tale harkens back to the pre-Civil War era and was thought to be derived from a story in the Gullah slave culture.

  3. Leaving chopsticks upright in food is disrespectful to your ancestors

    This superstition is common in East Asia, where many funerals are conducted with incense sticks that, interestingly enough, resemble chopsticks when left upright. Makes sense!

  4. Whistling indoors invites demons into your home

    This superstition from Lithuania sure wouldn’t fly in our house. What’s the fun of completing household chores if you can’t whistle while you work?

  5. ‘Cheersing’ with water means that you are wishing death on those around you

    viGlass of Water

    Although this myth is prevalent in many cultures, its roots rest in Ancient Greece. Talk about a superstition with longevity!

  6. Bird poop brings good fortune

    Getting pooped on might be a bummer, but in Russia, it actually means that you’ll have good luck in the future. Always look on the bright side of life!

  7. You will suffer a curse if you get a haircut on a Tuesday

    This myth is from India! We’re guessing that Indian hairdressers don’t see as many clients on Tuesdays…

  8. Singing at a dinner table welcomes evil spirits

    We don’t know who really sings at dinner tables, but apparently, it’s a big no-no in the Netherlands!

  9. Wearing red during a storm increases your chances of being struck by lightning

    Filipino folklore dictates this bizarre superstition. Guess we’ll have to throw out that red umbrella of ours!

  10. Entering a room with the left foot brings bad luck

    If we followed this Spanish tradition, we’re pretty sure that we’d trip through every room that we enter!

  11. Your parents will be in danger if you don’t hide your thumbs when in a graveyard

    A Japanese superstition that makes us want to add pockets to all of our funeral attire.

  12. Angels pass over whenever an awkward silence occurs

    If that’s the case, then we must have angels constantly flying over our heads!

  13. Babies who are kissed on the lips will drool for the rest of their lives

    This Nigerian superstition doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but we’ve never been one for slobbery baby kisses anyway!

  14. Carry an acorn and you’ll stay young forever

    Elizabethan England produced this odd superstition. Well, it’s cheaper than Botox…

  15. For good luck, fish should be eaten from the head to the tail

    A great piece of advice for those who actually eat fish heads– and tails.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on all things superstition! Have you heard of these before? Are you a superstitious person? If so, what do you try your best to avoid?

Source: Good Housekeeping