Are your desk and junk drawers stuffed with extra binder clips? Ours too! While we can never find a pen or regular paper clip, we always seem to have a ton of extra binder clips but not a lot of use for them — but that’s about to change! YouTuber 【venlee lifehack】 shares 15 brilliant ideas that turn binder clips from junk to one of the most useful items in our homes. Check them out!

Keep Computer Cables Organized

Do you ever feel like sometimes your computer is just a jumble of wires at your desk? Modern computer are supposed to eliminate the hassle of a million cables, but when you’ve got your computer charger, your phone charger, and a million adapter cables plugged in, things can get pretty messy.

An easy fix is to clip as many binder clips as you’ll need along the side of your computer desk. Weave one wire through each clip so it won’t get tangled with the others and has a place to sit when you’re done using it.

Pack Razors

Whenever you’re traveling, packing razors is a dangerous essential. I can’t be the only one worried that the protective cap will come off and shred something inside the bag, or worse, cut me when I go to reach inside. Or maybe you’ve lost the protective cap and your razor is just free wheeling!

Well, no need to worry with this clever hack. All you need to do is put the sharp end of your razor inside a large binder clip. Clip it shut and you’ve got a tight, quick replacement for your razor cover.

Prevent Wrinkled Pants

If you hang your pants like most of us, odds are you drape them over the bottom bar of the hanger. This is helpful but can also encourage wrinkling if you don’t fold the pants perfectly flat first. Avoid wrinkled trousers in the future by clipping two binder clips to the bottom bar of your hanger; you can clip your pants so they fall flat rather than folding them over the bar!

Hold Up Your Phone

Ever want to show your friends a video, but then have to struggle with holding your phone up for them all to see? The only other option is leaving it flat and making everyone crane their necks to look down, right? Wrong! Not with this trick in your wheelhouse.

Take two binder clips to start. Fold one of the clips down on top of each other and stick the sliver clips inside your second binder clip. You’ve essentially created a phone stand in three seconds, one you can rest your phone on to prop it up just right.


For 12 more brilliant ways to use binder clips in your day to day life, make sure to watch the video below. Do you use binder clips in an inventive way? Share your DIY ideas in the comments section below!