We’ve seen some pretty incredible acts on America’s Got Talent; mystifying magicians, emotional vocalists, even a girl with some crazy yodeling skills. But of all the things we’ve witnessed, nothing quite compares to this act.

When 14-year-old Sofie Dossi steps onto the stage wearing a black, full-body latex suit, we’re admittedly not sure what to expect. She seems at ease, talking to the judges with nothing but confidence as she explains that she’s going to do “hand balancing contortion”. We’ve never heard of this before, and the shocked expressions on the judges’ faces seem to echo our curiosity.

Mel B. asks the teen when and how she learned she could contort, to which she replies:

“I found this out by watching a video of contortion and I thought, ‘Oh my God, I need to try this,'” Dossi said. “And I tried it and immediately fell in love with it.”

She also adds that her parents are extremely supportive of her passion and that her dad even helped to make her props for her act; behind her are three metal canes, each with a small wooden platform on top. Next to the cluster of canes is what used to be a toilet paper holder, now holding an apple.

Without explaining how the props will play into her act, Sofie accepts the judges well-wishes and begins her act.

Sophie pointing at her canes.America's Got Talent
From the moment she begins, our breath is taken away. She begins by lifting herself up into a handstand using nothing but her own upper body strength, which then quickly turns into a mid-air backbend. By that, we mean that while balancing on her hands, Sofie has put her feet right in front of her face. She pokes her head out from between her legs and grins at the judges, who are all looking (understandably) baffled.

Sofie continues to show off what she can do, lifting onto one one arm while continuing to shift her legs all the way over her head. After this, she dismounts the canes, and you think the act might be over — but it’s far from done.

As it turns out, she was just repositioning herself for the next phase of her act: the apple phase, let’s call it.

Sofie gets back up onto the canes, this time with her side facing the judges rather than head-on, and bends in half once again. This time, her feet are dipping down to the apple perched maybe two feet from the ground.

What does she do next? Maybe you’ve guessed: she picks the apple up WITH HER FEET, brings it to her mouth, takes a bite, and chews, smiling at the audience, which is just about losing its mind.

But still, the act isn’t over. Sofie has one more trick up her sleeve and it’s going to blow your mind. To see the grand finale of Sofie’s act, make sure to watch the America’s Got Talent video below — you get to see something unforgettable, as well as a hilarious look of horror on Simon’s face!

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