14 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Remember when a cardboard box wasn’t just the packaging for the latest gaming system, but a rocket ship transporting you to another galaxy, a race car speeding down the track, or a pirate ship sailing the high seas on a mission for sunken treasure?

Toys and activities for kids are more often store-bought than homemade these days, but there’s no reason you have to spend a fortune on video games and MP3 players to keep your kids entertained and stimulated. With a bit of creativity, a common cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper can become an awesome new toy your kids will love! Check out some of our favorite ideas for toilet paper roll crafts you and your kids can make and enjoy together.

Teach your kids about Native American art and culture with these Toilet Tube Totem Poles. Kids can have fun choosing which animals they want to feature based on their different meanings. Then they can proudly display their artistic creations on a dresser or bedside table.

Holy recycled crafts, Batman! These Batman and Robin Tube Toys are better than any store-bought superhero action figures, because they’re just as fun to make as they are to play with afterward! Make a whole army of crime-fighters to ward off evil villains that may be lurking in the toy bin.

I spy with my little eye a super cool recycled craft! Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars are the perfect accessory for adventurous little spies. With a bit of imagination, this thrifty recycled craft can spark the inspiration for endless games and stories.

Who knew cardboard could be so chic? With a bit of felt, glue, and gems, your little fashionista can turn a toilet paper roll into a fabulous Cardboard Tube Princess Bracelet. Go green and glam at once with this creative recycled kids’ craft!

Create a beautiful eco-friendly bouquet with these Delightful Recycled Daisies! These cute cardboard flowers are a great way to brighten up a windowsill or countertop. Plus, they’ll never wilt, so you can keep these fanciful flowers on display year-round.

Check out these other toilet paper roll crafts for ideas and inspiration:

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What’s your favorite recycled material to craft with?