Mason jars have been having a moment for a while now, and they’re a perennial favorite of crafters everywhere. Still, it seems like we see the same ideas for transforming them – flower vases, drinking glasses, bathroom organization – over and over. Surely we can do more with these useful, resealable jars, don’t you think? Of course we can, and what better place to find inspiration than our own backyards! Country Living recently rounded up some all-outdoor uses for mason jars, and it inspired us to see where imagination takes us all when we take mason jars outside. Here’s what we found!

  1. All-Natural Mosquito Repellant
    mason_mosquito_jar_horizontal_cropRay @ TipHero

    Make sure mosquitos don’t ruin your next barbecue! You can repel them easily and all-naturally with your mason jars and this magical mixture.

  2. Match Dispenser

    You’ll want to have matches on hand to light that mosquito repellant and all your outdoor candles, but you WON’T want critters to carry them off OR – even worse – have the used ones start a fire. Easy solution? Make a mason jar dispenser to keep them safe! We think you can use the same idea for match disposal, too!

  3. Pallet Bottle Opener with Mason Jar Holder
    BottleOpenerforList101 Pallets

    It’s not summer until you’re kicking back with a cold one, but all those bottle caps can too easily get lost in your yard, making clean-up a huge pain. Plus, it’s too easy for the bottle opener to get carried away. Solve both problems by mounting this DIY pallet opener by your cooler! The opener stays in one spot, and the mason jar collects all those pesky caps.

  4. Patriotic Luminaries
    PatrioticLuminariesforListFor The Love Of . . . via The Garden Glove

    Luminaries aren’t just for Christmas anymore! Not only do these glow red, white and blue, they’re the perfect stands for a whole row of miniature flags.

  5. Beehive
    BeehiveInAJar2Up Knorth

    Feeling really ambitious? Always dreamed of making your own honey? This Beehive-in-a-Jar makes beekeeping possible in even the tiniest of yards.

  6. Picnic Caddy
    PicnicCaddyforListClean and Scentsible via A Cultivated Nest

    Don’t let a casual picnic become a messy, stressful one! Keep all of your utensils and picnic needs cute and organized with this easy-to-make caddy.

  7. Bird Feeder
    BirdFeederforListLittle House Living via A Cultivated Nest

    Flip a mason jar upside-down, fill it with birdseed, and invite some feathered friends to join the party!

  8. Outdoor Chandelier
    OutdoorChandelierforListAll Things Heart And Home via Country Living

    This beautiful lighting looks like a piece of the night sky has settled down in your backyard. It’s magical and easier to make than you might think!

  9. Wind Chime
    WindchimeForListSaved By Love Creations via Country Living

    This slightly more labor-intensive project is still totally worth it. Make a wind chime that not only sounds like fairy music on breezy days, but reflects your personal style and favorite colors!

  10. Upright Herb Garden
    HerbGardenforListYa Gotta Have A Hobby via Country Living

    If your yard is too small for the garden of your dreams, make better use of your space by planting UP. Just attach some mason jars to a wooden board and use them to grow your herbs!

  11. Plant Label
    PlantLidLabelforListThe Prudent Garden via Country Living

    Don’t let your innovation stop at the jar. Mason jar lids can be super-helpful, too! This idea turns them into labels for your garden, helping you tell all those sprouting veggies apart.

  12. Butterfly Feeder
    ButterflyFeederforListHometalk via Country Living

    You’ll have the sweetest garden ever when you make this simple sugar-water feeder to tempt butterflies in to pollinate!

  13. Glow Stick Table Lanterns
    GlowStickTableLanternsforListCreative Green Living via Country Living

    This quick and easy craft is one your kids will love helping you make. Plus, you can use the whole range of crazy colors to make these lanterns centerpieces at your Fourth of July barbecue, parties, and other warm-weather celebrations.

  14. Solar Light Lanterns
    SolarLightLanternsforListThriftDee via Country Living

    If you’re already reusing those mason jars, why not go even MORE environmentally-conscious and use them to light up your yard in a lovely, eco-friendly way? These Solar Light Lanterns not only fit the bill and are easy-to-make, they’re really pretty and add a special glow to your yard!

This list has us so excited for summer and warm-weather projects! You too? Grab even more inspiration from Country Living’s original list and tell us how YOU like to use mason jars outside!