There are some common household items we just can’t get enough of— vinegar, lemons, dryer sheets, even nail polish! Now to that list of multitasking masters, we’re adding a new one: Epsom salts! Just check out all the incredible ways to use it to care for your home and yourself.

  1. Organize your make-up brushes.

    Image of makeup brushes in container.DoItOnaDime

    One of the best, easiest and most popular ways to organize makeup brushes is to settle them into a container with a soft, granular filling. While rice is the one you might see most often, we prefer to use Epsom salts for easier clean-up and for the safety of our pets.

  2. Remove splinters.

    Remove splinters with Epsom saltBrett Renfer

    You don’t need to yank those painful pieces of wood out with tweezers anymore! Just apply salt to skin around the wound, and it’ll help pull it to the surface for much easier removal.

  3. Make a DIY room spray.

    woman spray room spray in bathroomRachel Talbott

    Want to make your home smell lovely but don’t want to shell out the cash for one from the store? Make your own! Epsom salts are an essential ingredient in this DIY version. Combine it with running water and your favorite citrus essential oils, and your house will be filled with your favorite scents!

  4. Bathe the homemade way.

    somjring34 via Dollar Photo Club

    Epsom salts play a role in even more DIY solutions! Create your own phthalate-free body wash with it, or use it to help you make some homemade bath bombs . . .

  5. Create fabric softener.

    Basket of decorative bath towels.tashka2000 via Deposit Photos

    . . . or mix it up with essential oils – about 1 cup plus 10 drops – to make an effective fabric softener. Just use ¼ cup per load!

  6. Wash your washing machine!

    Use Epsom salt to clean washing machinePablo Ibañez

    How can your clothes become clean if the machine that washes them isn’t sparkling, too?! Make sure your clothes washer doesn’t have any nasty build-up by occasionally throwing in some Epsom salt and running a regular cycle on hot.

  7. Make DIY dishwasher tablets.


    When combined with other common and safe ingredients – Borax, washing soda, baking soda, citric acid, vinegar and essential oils – you can make dish-washing tablets that clean your dishes just as well as anything store-bought, for a much more affordable price.

  8. Wash and exfoliate your face.

    Mix Epsom salt into face wash or cream to exfoliatesmokhov via Deposit Photos

    Whatever kind of skincare routine you want to use, Epsom salt can make it better. Add it to either your favorite liquid cleanser or face cream, then just rub into your skin and rinse. You’ll get moisturizing and exfoliation, all at once!

  9. Get rid of blackheads.

    Use Epsom salt to clear blackheads and stop acneuroszunic via Deposit Photos

    Got a little more challenging skincare issues? Epsom salts can help with your blackheads and your acne, too! Just add a teaspoon of it and a drop of iodine into ½ cup boiling water. Soak a cotton ball in the mixture, and apply to any areas with blackheads to clean them out.

  10. Make your bruises fade away.

    Fade bruises with Epsom saltAaron Hall

    The only thing potentially worse than whatever gives you a bruise in the first place is walking around with the evidence for days or even weeks afterward. Make those black and blue and purple spots fade a little faster by mixing 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt with a small amount of water, then applying it to the bruised area.

  11. Heal aches, pains and illness.

    woman with a headache on an airplanenanaplus via Deposit Photos

    Whether it’s a regular headache, a hangover, or tummy troubles, Epsom salts can cure what ails you. Mix a teaspoon of it into some water and drink to flush out your system and add some healing magnesium to your body.

  12. Soak in it.

    Artistic Endeavor via Dollar Photo Club

    If you’ve heard about one way to use Epsom salts, you’ve probably heard about this one! If your pains are more of a muscle ache than an illness, soak your feet or your entire body to ease the pain, slough off dry skin, and even sleep better.

  13. Get better, more balanced hair.

    Add Epsom salt to shampoo to clean oily hairSilke Remmery

    Whether your hair is too oily or too frizzy, Epsom salt can help. If oil is your problem, add some salt to your shampoo, wash as usual, and it’ll pull the oil right out!

    If it’s frizz that irks you, on the other hand, add the salt to your conditioner. Mix equal parts conditioner and salt, heat the mixture in a pan, and massage into your scalp and hair, starting at the roots and working your way down. Sit for 20 minutes, and rinse. The frizz will be gone, but you’ll still have great volume!

We are absolutely about to run out and stock up on cartons of Epsom salt now— and then try every single trick on this list! What about you? Have you ever tried any of the uses on this list? Are there any others you know and can share? Let us know!

And now that you’ve got these personal and household uses for Epsom salts under your belt, check out our list of smart ways to use it outside, too!