13 Tricks to Make Your Manicure Last Longer Than You Thought Possible

If you put in the effort to design and paint your nails yourself at home, you want that manicure to last! It’s totally frustrating to spend the time carefully applying nail polish and allowing it to dry, only to have it chip within 24 hours. Let’s make that nail art last! Manicure master Cute Polish is here with 13 ways to extend the life of painted nails. Watch, learn, and get your prettiest fingertips yet.

13 Nail Hacks For Long-Lasting Manicures

  1. Before applying any polish, properly prep your nails by trimming, filing and cleaning them. If you have any ridges, buff them away.
  2. Use a cotton swab dipped in distilled white vinegar to clean any excess oils, products, or build-up on your nails.
  3. Always apply a rubberized and/or sticky base coat.
  4. Roll the nail polish bottle between your hands to warm it up slightly and fix any product separation. This way, the polish will go on more smoothly! DON’T shake the bottle, as that will create problematic air bubbles.
  5. Apply two thin coats of polish, allowing each one to dry in-between applications.
  6. If your chosen color isn’t opaque enough for two coats to be sufficient, apply a coat of white polish first, then the two coats of your color.
  7. After each coat, “cap” the free edge of your nail by painting over the edge, sealing it against chipping from typing or texting.
  8. Remove any polish from the skin around your nail bed with an angled brush dipped in nail polish remover. Polish on the skin can cause your manicure to lift and peel off, so make sure you only have polish on the nail itself.
  9. Wait for the color to dry before applying the top coat. Ideally, you’ll wait and allow it to dry for at least 15 minutes.
  10. Use a quality, fast-drying top coat that dries each and every layer of polish. Avoid matte top coats, which don’t last long.
  11. Camouflage any chips and add extra protection by applying glitter polish to the tips and/or nail art to the base of each nail.
  12. A few days into your manicure, apply another layer of clear top coat to reinvigorate the shine and seal in the color.
  13. Always apply an oil or lotion post-manicure to keep your skin soft and hydrated, which in turn helps the manicure to last.

Great tips! They’re also a great primer on a good at-home manicure. Did any of these tips surprise you? Do you have your own tips for making a manicure or pedicure last?