Flying, especially during the holiday season, can be a little bit less than heartwarming. Between pesky TSA agents, crowded lines, and overpriced airport food, it seems impossible to keep up that jolly spirit. That’s why we’re going to share some travel hacks with you that will be sure to make your journeys at least a little bit easier this December. Take a breath, and get ready to fly easily!

Today’s travel hacks are courtesy of those clever people at Facts Verse; they certainly do know how to come up with some brilliant solutions to all of the problems that we encounter when we travel. Though the video highlights a whopping THIRTEEN hacks, we’re going to feature some of our personal favorites for you below.

  1. You can travel with alcohol!

    drink on planeFacts Verse

    Even most frequent fliers don’t know about this helpful tip! It’s true—you can actually bring your own alcohol on the plane.

    Over your shock? Good, because it’s true. All you need to do is ensure that your bottles are 100 mL or less, and are kept in an 8-by-8-inch plastic storage bag. Just keep in mind that it is not legal to consume your own alcohol on a plane. You can bring it aboard, you just can’t drink it. To learn more about the rules and regulations regarding brining alcohol in your carry-on and checked luggage, check out what the TSA and the FAA have to say on the subject!

  2. Ask to be upgraded

    first classFacts Verse

    Have you ever walked through an empty first class, only to have to sit in a packed coach section? Sure, it’s frustrating, and it really shouldn’t happen, but sometimes there are booking errors made by the airlines.

    So, if you’ve ever wanted to experience the luxury treatment, just ask to be upgraded at the gate. You’ll be surprised by how often this works! Don’t be shy! You never know what you can get until you ask!

  3. Carry an empty water bottle

    water bottlesFacts Verse

    Buying a bottle of water after going through the security line is almost always ridiculously expensive. In fact, they’re often so pricey that it’s tempting to forgo water altogether, even though we all know that staying hydrated during air travel is essential.

    So, don’t buy water—get it for free! Bring an empty bottle with you and fill up in the terminal. Several airports are even starting to offer free filtered water. Just check near the bathrooms and you may see one of these handy stations.

  4. Charge your phone in airplane mode

    flight modeFacts Verse

    Let’s face it— though we generally take vacations to get away from technology, we just can’t escape it! Between looking up directions, restaurant reviews, and in some cases, the local language, we all end up using our phones quite a bit—and we need them to charge super fast!

    To do this, simply go to the ‘Settings’ tab on your phone and select ‘Airplane Mode’. In some cases, your phone will end up charging twice as fast!

Be sure to watch Facts Verse’s video below to hear about all THIRTEEN of these brilliant travel hacks!

What do you think about these travel tips? Do you have any tricks of your own that make travel more enjoyable for you? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!