There are so many kitchen gadgets on the market these days—from the slow cooker to the instant pot and so on. There are slicers and graters, mandolins and immersion blenders…there are so many things for your kitchen that you probably have nowhere to store it all!

The good news: You actually don’t need anything except one kitchen tool…and that’s the food processor.

Obviously you know that a food processor can chop up some goods, but that’s just the half of it. A food processor actually has many functions—many of which most people don’t know about or have forgotten about when they only use it for one purpose.

Get ready to be amazed. Here are 13 things you can do with your food processor tonight:

  1. Make Oat Flour

    There are so many kinds of healthier flours these days, but some of them cost a fortune. One of the cheapest ways to get your hands on a healthy flour is to simply pulse some oats in the food processor. Bam: Oat flour!

  2. Shred Potatoes

    Whether you’re making hash browns or a potato casserole, shredding potatoes by hand is a huge pain. With a food processor, those starchy bad boys will be shredded in no time.

  3. Thinly Slice Potatoes

    Besides shredding, you can also slice your potatoes paper thin in your food processor with a slicing attachment. This is especially useful when trying to make a crust for a quiche or even homemade potato chips.

  4. Make Cookies Crumbs

    Need to smash up some Oreos or ginger snaps for a pie or cake? No need to pound them on the counter. Just throw those babies in the food processor.

  5. Make Nut Butter

    Have a bag of almonds? Peanuts? Cashews? Just pour them in the food processor and let it go for a bit. It might make some loud sounds at first as it shreds down those nuts, but soon enough those crunchy bits will become a smooth, soft creamy delightfulness you can spread on toast (or just eat with a spoon).

  6. Grate Carrots

    Stop using a hand grater to grate your carrots or spending the $1.99 on the bag of already-done-for you shredded carrots. The easier way to top a salad or make homemade cole slaw is with the food processor.

  7. Shave Brussels Sprouts

    Trying to get your greens in? There’s something about shredded Brussels sprouts that taste better than eating them whole—and a food processor can do it in a pinch.

  8. Make Bread Crumbs

    Stale bread? Don’t let it go to waste. Toss it in the food processor and you’ve got cups of breadcrumbs to use the next time you want to make meatballs.

  9. Grind Meat

    It doesn’t look pretty, but trust us: You’ll never go back to your grinder after you’ve tried this.

  10. Cut Butter

    If you’ve ever made dough from scratch, you probably cringe at how annoying cutting butter into flour can be. The food processor makes the process much easier.

  11. Purée Soup

    Everyone thinks you need an immersion blender for soups, but guess what? A good food processor will blend your soup wonderfully.

  12. Grind Nuts

    Chopping nuts by hand to make a fancy dessert recipe? Don’t waste the time—dump a few cups into the food processor and it’ll be done for you in just a few seconds.

  13. Make Dips or Sauces

    One of the most agitating parts of making a good dip is all the chopping, dicing or mincing, but the food processor takes care of all of those things. From salsa to tomato sauce, get your app or meal done in a fraction of the time.



Did you know one single kitchen appliance could do all of these things? What do you like to use your food processor for?