Like most people, you probably think the food processor is one of those kitchen appliances you should only take out every once in a blue moon. It’s really only suited for specific steps in certain recipes, so it’s kind of a rare thing to spot out on your counter, right? We don’t know how to tell you this, but you’ve been viewing your food processor all wrong for all these years! You can do so much more than make an exceptionally delicious batch of hummus – you can actually make desserts, snacks, drinks, and even full meals with this underdog appliance, too. Here are nine unbelievably yummy recipes you can quite literally whip up with this unexpected kitchen tool.

  1. Turnip Burger

    Turnip BurgerFood52

    Whether or not you consider yourself a vegetarian, there’s no denying that veggie burgers are downright delicious. And now, with this simple food processor recipe, they’re downright easy to make, too! Blend all your veggies before forming your patties and cooking them with your desired method. Oh, and if you still have a little carnivorous streak in you, you can grind up meat for regular burgers as well.

  2. Inner Goddess Chocolate Truffles

    Processor Date TrufflesPinch of Yum

    Trust us, you’ll FEEL like a goddess with how easy this recipe is to make. If you’re not familiar with them, inner goddess truffles use mainly dates (and some chocolate, of course) to make healthy and delicious truffles to feel good about. And guess what? They’re done almost entirely in your food processor. You probably guessed that, didn’t you?

  3. Gazpacho

    Food Processor GazpachoFood52

    This chilled soup is perfect for warm summer nights! Bursting with savory flavor, gazpacho is a great summer appetizer or light meal that you can whip up in a flash! (Again, literally.)

  4. Homemade Ice Cream


    Another cool summer treat? Ice cream, of course! A classic. You can make your own batch right at home, no ice cream maker required – all you need is your handy dandy food processor and three simple ingredients! Try this strawberry recipe, it’s one of our favorites.

  5. Easy Falafel and Tzatziki

    Food Processor FalafelFood52

    For a little Mediterranean flare, nothing hits the spot quite like a well-made falafel and some tangy tzatziki. Now you can make BOTH parts of this traditional recipe easily in your new favorite kitchen appliance…the food processor, obviously.

  6. All-Natural Food Dye

    Natural Food DyeGemma Stafford

    While we realize this isn’t something you’d make as a meal exactly, it’s way too cool of a recipe for us not to share. So here we are. Gemma Stafford brings us this simple and all-natural way to make homemade food dye! You won’t believe how easy it is to create your own food coloring right in your processor at home.

  7. Carrot Cake

    Food Processor Carrot CakeFood52

    Cake…in a food processor? You read that right. Using the food processor to make carrot cake leaves you right in this perfect middle ground: the carrots are present in the cake as small flecks, but they’re not so large that you feel as if you’re eating a full vegetable in your dessert.

  8. Pesto Sauce

    Food Processor PestoPinch of Yum

    Nothing tastes better than a fresh homemade pesto! You can make this recipe in mere minutes and then go pesto-crazy! Seriously, you can put this sauce on anything; sandwiches, pastas, salad, grilled chicken, burgers – you name it, pesto can do it.

  9. Nut Butters

    Food Processor RecipesFood52

    Any nut butters you love can be made in the food processor! Almond butter, cashew butter – even peanut butter! You’ll know where your spreads came from and you can even customize them to your desired chunkiness. Is there anything the food processor can’t do?

Thanks to Food52 for the inspiration! Do you make any recipes with your food processor? Share your ideas in the comments section below.