Editor’s Note: This tip was originally submitted as a comment in response to daisycatt1’s tip on the Mutliple Uses of Vinegar:

My folks used vinegar on everything. Mom is 93.

  1. Rinsing your hair in vinegar after a perm or coloring helps rid the smell and no you won’t smell like vinegar when it dries. You can rinse with water after the vinegar rinse, if you’re concerned.
  2. Mold on clothes – just put vinegar in the washer.
  3. Spilt milk that wasn’t found for sometime and had soured – vinegar removed smell.
  4. Douche – cheap.
  5. Pimples – I keep an old pill bottle in the bathroom with a little vinegar to rub on my face – acts like a facial peel.
  6. Bird feeders – I pour vinegar and water in a bucket or in my large utility sink and soak them, then scrub them. Safer for the birds.
  7. Malt vinegar used on french fries – I’m hooked.
  8. My husband also likes vinegar on ribs or fried food.
  9. As a tonic for arthritis.
  10. Sore throat – warm water with vinegar and salt – heals and draws out the crud.
  11. Swimmer’s ear – a drop of white vinegar in each ear – for those kids that swim daily.
  12. Fungus – soak feet daily in vinegar water.
  13. Rash – vinegar in the bathwater.