13 People Who Took Their Halloween Costumes Very Seriously

Halloween is approaching and with all the candy and fun scares come the bold, beautiful, creative, and outrageous costumes. It is easy enough to order one online or buy one at the store, but it’s interesting to see those who kick things up a few notches.

That is why we’re bringing you this list of imaginative, silly, tongue-in-cheek, cool costume creations from people around the web. Some of your favorite characters – real and fictional – are brought to life with these clever getups that might make you do a double take.

Hopefully, you already have a costume idea together for this year, but if by some chance you don’t, feel free to take a cue from these inventive folks. All you DIYers out there will find awesome inspiration!

  1. Twisty

    The person donning this not only has a penchant for mayhem and terrifying clowns, but a talent for a perfect depiction. Meet Twisty from American Horror Story.

  2. Stock Photo

    This guy wins for his “nailed it” take on the basic office stock photo costume. Look closely and you’ll see that he is standing up.

  3. Ratatouille Guy

    Fans of this movie will appreciate the ode to Remy the rat who pulled all the chef’s hair strings.

  4. Kicking Baby

    How many pregnant women do you know who have had a nightmare about this very thing happening? Scary little trick-or-treater!!

  5. POM

    This cute costume definitely nailed the “wonderful” element of this juice. Check out the detailed cap!

  6. Jareth and Ludo

    Jareth the Goblin King got his hands on the baby, but in this case it’s Ludo from the Labyrinth. What kind of magic spells to use?

  7. Inside Out Family

    They totally got this right. The height of Anger and Sadness are spot on, but that little girl’s expression is everything.

  8. Hocus Pocus Time

    These witches all bear a striking resemblance to the original crew, but the one on the right could play in a sequel. Am I right?

  9. Daft Punk

    Get down with this husband and wife team who created light-up everything for these costumes.

  10. Mini Conan

    Can’t wait to see who will be on the show tonight – especially with the host in a stroller.

  11. Steve. . .is that you?

    This guy actually went into an Apple store dressed like this, throwing off some of the staff. Happy Halloween!

  12. Adventure Time

    This woman who dressed as Finn/Fionna from the cartoon series actually is an amputee, just like Finn in later episodes.

  13. Faceless Man

    Look in his lap. That’s his missing face! Really, it’s just a 3D printout that’s just as scary as his makeup.

Take a page out of one of these Halloween books to win your office contest or the annual neighborhood party! The best thing is everyone in the family can get involved – even the unborn baby.

Which of these looks is your favorite? What’s the best costume you’ve ever worn? Have you seen a costume that would be perfect for this list?