When it comes to celebrities, few people are quite as idolized as the royal family of England. These seemingly “perfect” people probably don’t seem like they have a whole lot in common with people like you and me  but when it comes to parenting, Prince William and Duchess Kate are just trying to figure it out, like all moms and dads!

Here are a few parenting tips we’ve picked up from watching the royals interact with their kids. You might be surprised just how useful and down-to-earth some of their tactics truly are.

1. Limit Babysitters/Nannying (as Much as Possible)

Obviously, not every family is fortunate enough to have steady income without having to leave the kids all day every day to work. Prince William does work as an emergency medical helicopter pilot, plus he and Kate have a ton of royal duties, but they don’t have what you’d consider traditional “jobs.”

Nonetheless, it’s pretty admirable that the royal family only uses one part-time babysitter to take care of George and Charlotte every now and again. All everyday duties like feeding, taking baths, and daily playtime are done by Will and Kate themselves, which is pretty great.

2. Respect People’s Work

When you live in a palace and people are basically waiting on you hand-and-foot, it can be easy to let all that go to your head. But the young royals have been taught better!

Their Grandma, Queen Elizabeth, reportedly taught the children to always value people’s work. For this reason, the royal kids are required to thank palace employees (like the serving staff) and pick up their own toys to help out the cleaning staff.

3. Family is Your First Priority

Will and Kate are determined to raise the kids so they’re close with their family members. 4-year-old George takes care of his little sister, and the Duchess says they are becoming best friends.

The children know the history of their family and often visit the grave of their grandmother, Princess Diana. Kate and William also try to spend as much time as possible with their children; George, for example, likes to chat about everything with his daddy, and Charlotte likes to cook together with her mom.

4. The Kids Can Express Themselves

Will,Kate, Charlotte, and George.AOL

Although royals are known for raising “restrained” kids, Kate and Will want their children to be in touch with their feelings.

“Seeing children communicating with each other at school, I understand that we live in an absolutely different time. We are being replaced by generations that are not afraid to declare things that really worry them,” says Prince William.

5. Education is Crucial

Just because George and Charlotte basically have a life path already planned out for them doesn’t mean they need to skip school. In fact, the royal kids love to learn! Reading is one of their favorite activities and the Musem of Natural History in London is one of their favorite places to visit.

6. Staying Active is Important

The kids might be a little young to show interest in sports right now, but their parents have noted that it’s important for their kids to stay active; Will, for instance, loves playing polo and football, while Kate loves playing field hockey. For now, their famous family walks will definitely do the trick!

7. They’re Taught Good Manners Early

Now, granted, these kids are more in the spotlight than most. But we still love how Kate and Will handle the kids misbehaving! If George or Charlotte aren’t behaving, they will be left behind from events or even taken out of events if they can’t calm down.

8. But There are NO Physical Punishments

Will and Kate might be willing to give their kids a talking to or take them out of public spaces, but they are very verbal about never using physical punishments with the kids.

9. Home is a Safe Space

Even if your home is, say, Buckingham Palace, you should be able to be yourself when you’re home. For instance, George is so well-behaved in public because he loves getting his energy out at home, according to Prince William:

“They have not broken their bones yet, but they are always trying to do it. George always runs around at home, pushing things and jumping. Please tell me that after some time things will get easier,” says Prince William.

10. Get Down to Their Level

Image of Prince George and Obama.Southern Living

One of our favorite things Will and Kate do is squat down to talk to their kids. Rather than talk (literally) down to them from above, they go out of their way to get on the kids’ level; children psychologists have proven that talking to little ones like this is far more effective.

11. Allow TV (Sometimes)

Cartoons are allowed in the royal family; Charlotte often asks to watch Peppa Pig, and George adores Fireman Sam. However, there are allotted times for TV watching, so the kids aren’t wasting all day in front of the tube.

12. Don’t Go Too Crazy On Kids Clothing

The royal family might have plenty of cash to buy beautiful, designer clothes for George and Charlotte, but they don’t. Like smart parents, they know the kids are just going to grow right out of their current wardrobes! Instead, they buy value outfits for the little ones, or even re-use onesies from Harry and Will’s childhood.

13. Tablets and Phones are for Adults

In an effort to prevent their kids from being dependent on technology (as so many kids today are), the royal children are not allowed to have tablets, computers, or smartphones just yet. Of course, they’re very young right now, so we’re wondering at what age the Prince and Duchess will relent.



Have you observed any parenting tips you’d like to steal from the royal family? Make sure to share them with us!