13 of the Most Passive Aggressive Neighbor Feuds That Ever Happened

Some people luck out with generous neighbors—whether they lend you some sugar when you’re out, keep an eye on your house when you’re on vacation, or have kids that ride bikes with yours, neighbors that you get along with are simply the best.

But that doesn’t mean they’re easy to come by. In fact, many people find that they actually have some problems with their next-door peeps. Maybe they had a loud party that they didn’t tell you about, or their dog is always pooping on your yard and they don’t pick it up. Whatever the case, neighbors with no respect for you aren’t fun.

However, when you have a bad neighbor, it’s not always easy to outright confront them since the term “I know where you live” has a whole new meaning. So sometimes, we might find ourselves passively aggressively trying to tell our neighbors how we feel. You know, saying things without really saying things—just kind of using slightly off-putting actions to display how we’re really feeling.

While this might not be the most constructive way to deal with our feelings, it certainly makes for some funny stories. We scoured the internet for some of the funniest ways neighbors passively-aggressively told their other neighbors how they felt. Check out some of our favorites below!

  1. Wi-Fi comebacks

    Now that’s what we call a very modern way to be passive aggressive.

  2. Video captures

    Two poops don’t make a right. Or do they?

  3. Loud upstairs neighbors

    You know when you live below someone and all you hear are loud clomps every day? Someone finally identified their shoes.

  4. A poem

    Here’s another way to tell your upstairs neighbors they’re loud: a lovely haiku (with the illustration on point, too).

  5. A note on smoking

    This person wasn’t too happy about so many cigarette butts in their yard. This person was clearly just trying to help their neighbor quit smoking!

  6. Poor Bob

    When Bob asks you to paint your fence, you paint your fence.

  7. Reindeer thief

    When someone steals your Christmas decorations, this is what happens. This grinch totally had it coming.

  8. Shine bright

    This person’s neighbors were kind of rude, so they figured 10,000 happy lights would fix everything.

  9. Some oddly precise cleanliness

    Some people are more precise than others. When you share a wall with a neighbor, really only half of that is yours—so this person cleaned just their side…to a T.

  10. Flamingo dispute

    This could get interesting.

  11. Noisy neighbors

    Sometimes you just gotta channel your favorite song to get your point across.

  12. Princess parking

    When you don’t straighten out your park job, this is what you have coming to you.

  13. Toilet paper thief

    I mean, we have to agree with this one.

What do you think of these hilarious passive-aggressive ways to tell someone how you really feel? Which one is your favorite? Have you ever written someone a passive-aggressive note or done something in a passive-aggressive manner? How did that turn out for you?