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These awesome 13 trash to treasure crafts are a great way to create something new and recycle at the same time.  Why not use the things that we already have and make great gifts out of them?  These Earth friendly crafts are a responsible way to enjoy crafting and certainly a lot cheaper than buying all new materials! Crafts made from recyled materials are the best way to help save the Earth from piling up trash and be creative at the same time!

There are so many things that people throw away every day.  What if we could use these things to create crafts?  Our bottles could become art, our paper could become decorations, and our containers could be used again to hold new things in completely new ways.  Now it can be true!  Look through our list of 13 great trash to treasure crafts and find one that you want to try today!

Bottles and Soda
Paper and Cardboard
Containers Into New Containers

Bottles and Soda


  1. Bottle Cap Crosses – These homemade crafts will recycle your old bottle caps and make something meaningful and beautiful for you to wear.  Make one for your friend so that you can wear them together!
  2. Bottle Cap Wine Glass CharmsThese adorable wine glass charms will help you to know which glass of wine is yours.  Plus, it’s a great conversation starter.  People will be amazed that you made them yourself out of recycled bottle caps!
  3. Plastic Bottle Lid ArtThis tasteful bit of art is made with recycled plastic bottle tops.  It’s wonderful to make something beautiful out of what would otherwise just be garbage.
  4. Smashed Soda Can AnimalsCute and easy, these soda can animals are a great craft for kids and adults alike.  Decorate your house with these funny animals and know that you are making use of a can that would otherwise probably end up in a landfill.
  5. Soda Can CoastersThese easily recognizable coasters will make guests smile.  Show off your love for your favorite soda brands with these homemade coasters.  Because soda companies change their logos, you can make multiple ones over time to show your longtime devotion to your soda of choice.

Paper and Cardboard


  1. Brown Bag Place MatFinally make use of your brown paper bags from the grocery store with this creative trash to treasure craft!  It guides you through every step to make your old brown paper bags into attractive homemade place mats.
  2. Colorful Paper PensUse old paper to decorate otherwise boring pens.  Use your creativity to make each pen a little different.  Before long, you’ll have a favorite for every day of the week!
  3. Green Crafting Gift Wrap BowTired of buying holiday bows every single year?  Well break the cycle once and for all.  These attractive gift wrap bows are made completely out of old magazine paper.  Save money, demonstrate your creativity, and get the job done all at the same time!
  4. Pizza Box ArtPizza boxes have no real use after they are thrown away, so rescue them with this artistic craft.  Turn your pizza boxes into canvases that will hold your creative thoughts.  Even use scraps of old paper to make a collage!

Containers Into New Containers

  1. Daisy ContainerThis adorable container is made from an old plastic container.  Make use of what would usually be thrown away by transforming it into something beautiful!
  2. Oatmeal Box Pencil HolderEnjoy your oatmeal every morning?  Well use that container after you are done to make a great pencil holder.  Decorate it in your own unique way to make it 100% yours.
  3. Recycled Yogurt Cup Bud VaseThere is nothing like the feeling of nurturing new life.  Take an old yogurt cup and make a bud vase out of it.  Not only will it look attractive and be fun to make, but it also saves the yogurt container from spending an eternity in a landfill.
  4. Altered Cookie Tin Make use of an old cookie tin to make this neat container for whatever treasures you may want to keep.  Decorate it any way you want!  It’s all up to you, the artist!